Your DT projects need a well-thought out, low-risk and low-cost solution that is driven by your business DNA. This is what you get from Suyati’s three-phase approach to transforming businesses. We use a consultative approach to understand how your business operates, to create a customized plan. This is how it is done

Phase 1

DEMONSTRATE and Secure adoption

Confused about where to start? This phase helps you identify high-impact but low-effort opportunities. This typically happens over a 60-90 day period. At the end of this phase, you get:

  • Greater confidence to initiate more DT projects
  • Immediate value to secure a broader organization buy-in

Phase 2

SCALE and Align with digital times

During this phase, the DT solutions will start focusing on projects that enhance customer acquisition and retention. This phase extends to a year. At the end of this phase you get:

  • Connected systems and digitized operational workflows
  • Laser-sharp focus on delivering great customer experience

Phase 3

TRANSFORM and Beat competition

You are already getting the benefits (and the customer delight) that comes with implementing phase 2. Phase 3 is an ongoing engagement and you get

  • Insight-driven solutions for greater efficiencies and growth
  • New business models that ensure stakeholder value and customer LOVE

Experience Value with Suyati