Why businesses adopt Salesforce Customization for bigger wins?

Customizing your CRM is a viable way to make your CRM an utmost helpful tool to boom your business as it grows and evolves. Salesforce’s greatest strength is its customizability. To leverage the optimum out of your Salesforce applications, mirror your CRM to your business requirements with some out of the box features and functionalities. The opportunities to customize Salesforce CRM are boundless.

Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you customize your Salesforce CRM to work smarter and get the most out of your CRM. It also covers user experience management, data security aspects, e-mail administration, and discusses various ways that can be adopted to rationalize your business processes.

What you will learn?

  • Basic architecture of the Salesforce.com platform
  • Leverage data quality assessment
  • Control email and domain management
  • Build a 360-degree view of your customer data.
  • Efficient data management with powerful data analytics
  • Build reports and dashboards on existing data
  • Connect with employees globally using Salesforce Chatter


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