How to deeply engage your customers with AI?

Providing an enhanced shopping experience with personalized recommendations, offers and product support — as per age, gender, location, and behavior of customers is the big thing now in retail. Artificial intelligence is the most sought-after technology among retailers to achieve this objective.

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Personalization has been a key marketing tactic to better engage customers, encourage loyalty and build a broader and deeper brand relationship. Personalization can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task, but it’s made simpler through Artificial Intelligence.

So, how can AI be used to enhance your personalization strategy?

AI powered search capabilities

Visual search capabilities to help customers find desired items with the use of an image or recommends similar substitutes for an item that is out of stock.

Interactive apps and Interfaces

AI-powered devices like voice-enabled cameras improves one-to-one communication with customers to puff up personalized shopping experience.

AI powered Chatbots

Intelligent shopping assistants to engage the customers with relevant advices and marching them towards a buying decision.

Analytical customer insights

Use of analytics gives deep insights about customers buying habits thus helping to craft better marketing offerings and campaigns for the customers.

Real-time marketing capabilities

Intelligent marketing based programs for sending automated product recommendations via email, based on each customer’s purchase history.

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