How will AI elevate Student Admission Process?

Schools/Universities have to play the dicey and expensive game with numbers when it comes to Student Enrolments. One of the simplest but impactful things AI can do for the educational space is to simplify and streamline the student enrolment process - ensuring students complete the enrolment process, guiding them towards the right courses, and providing them a helping hand in the entire process.

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Are you facing these roadblocks?

How to recommend the best course suitable for each prospect?

How to find the probability of a student enrolling for a course?

How to reduce the number of student dropouts who are likely to enrol?

How to communicate with student at any instant?

AI : Student Admission Process Simplified

Course Recommendations

Analyze student interest and automatically recommend the ideal courses for them.

Dropout Analysis

Finds the probability of a student dropping out before or during the enrolment process.

Intelligent Councillor Assignment

Assign probable dropouts with the right councillors.


AI powered chatbots to engage students effectively.

Find out how AI powered solutions can scale up your student admission process and how to effectively boost up your student intake.