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How chatbots can revolutionize the education field

We are all familiar with chatbots – these little algorithm-based artificial intelligence systems that enable us to have human-like interactions across the spectrum. We have chatted with them when checking out a property online, or trying to book a holiday or even while ordering a pizza. Chatbots are set to revolutionize the way the world […]

Blockchain in manufacturing: 5 avenues worth exploring

Once upon a time – not too long ago – the possibility of disseminating information to anywhere in the world seemed preposterous. Internet was the buzzword then. Blockchain is the buzzword now. The technology is expected to take us from the “Internet of Information” to the “Internet of Value”, according to Don and Alex Tapscott, […]

The need for a Digital Makeover in the Publishing Industry

Life has become much faster with the arrival of internet, one cannot imagine a day without internet, social media and mobile phone. These three factors have changed the game for all players i.e. for businesses, customers and suppliers, alike. To understand the depth of these changes, ask yourself these questions: When was the last time […]

A guide to Internet of Things in Publishing

Digital publishing is on quite a high right now and with the Internet of Things (IoT) it is poised on the precipice of growing much bigger. While IoT and its ways have permeated into most sectors, the publishing industry has been slowly catching up. For those in the sector, the entry of IoT into publishing […]

Top 5 Possibilities of blockchain in the education sector for 2018

One of the key buzzwords of 2017 was Bitcoin. The digital currency had a meteoric rise in its value that jumped to $19,783.21 per bitcoin in December 2017 from the starting price of close to $900 in January 2017. Soon, governments and trade bodies across boundaries started to put in regulations and restrictions on the […]

How Big Is The Impact Of Big Data In Boosting Manufacturing Efficiency?

From equipment log sheets to digital spreadsheets, data capture is an ingrained routine of the manufacturing function. Without data, a factory foreman cannot steer manufacturing efforts in the right direction to meet production budgets. Without data, the operations manager cannot predict how and where resources are being spent and how justified the yield is. Data […]

Digital Transformation in healthcare: 5 key challenges

Personalized medicine is the buzzword. In the Utopian world of tailored medical treatments, all patients will be ‘connected’ with their doctors, constantly sharing data (from wearable devices and other tech-enabled gadgets), getting real-time diagnosis, early detection of diseases, seamless follow-ups, without having to twiddle their thumbs in hospital waiting rooms. Although the healthcare industry has […]

A Guide to Implementing AI in your Manufacturing Business

Getting down to basics, the core of any learning is intelligence. Humans learn and use means of communication and depend on visual stimulation for cognitive intelligence enhancement; even for everyday tasks such as working on a computer or enjoying a movie. Much the same way, machines can be taught to perform tasks with the help […]

A beginner’s guide to digital transformation in healthcare

Picture this: You are down with fever. You log into a hospital’s website and answer a series of questions to get your diagnosis and prescription for medications. You could also virtually consult a specialist for a second opinion. Sounds too good to be true? It’s only a matter of time before the healthcare industry evolves […]

Top 3 digital transformation essentials that healthcare organizations cannot miss out in 2018

Healthcare providers will be among the top three spenders on digital transformation – with the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.7 per cent – by 2021, predicts International Data Corporation (IDC). For an industry that has traditionally been hesitant to adopt information technology, the healthcare sector today is all set to embrace the digital […]