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Infographic – The Impact of Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation on Manufacturing

Digital transformation heralds Industry 4.0, or a hyper-connected factory, intelligent enough to make its own decisions with nominal human intervention. Our latest infographic takes a closer look at the key drivers of Digital Transformation for Industry 4.0  

A Comparison of the Top Machine Learning Platforms : Amazon, Azure, Google, IBM

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the rage now, owing to their potential to deliver advanced analytics. Marketers are now applying machine learning tools in a big way to realize huge gains in customer leads, conversion, and revenue. However, not all machine learning tools are equal. Each come with varied offerings, and different strengths and […]

Top trends to watch out for this Holiday Shopping season

November and December are the peak holiday shopping season, which can make or break an online retailer. However, this season is also highly competitive. E-tailers need to have a grasp on the latest trends influencing shoppers, and position their strategy accordingly, to ride the tide. Here are the top trends to watch out for this […]

The rise of women entrepreneurship in India – Infographic

Every year, November 19 is celebrated as Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. It celebrates the momentous strides made by women all across the world, and reminds us of the collective efforts that must be made to realize the untapped potential and the hidden opportunities. Every venture needs the right ecosystem – infrastructure, network of mentors and supporters, […]

10 Hot Data Analytics Trends in 2017

With businesses gearing up to be more customer centric than ever before, it is vital to curate as much insights about customer behaviour as possible to create a winning situation for all. Data analytics is the key solution to unlocking hidden customer insights that will enable businesses to offer smarter engagements to their end customers. […]

5 Key reasons why you should attend Dreamforce 2017

Dreamforce 2017 is right around the corner. This year there are tons of exciting sessions, plenty of top grade talent and speakers and loads of innovative solutions waiting to make their mark at San Francisco during the 4 day event. This infographic throws light into Why should you attend Dreamforce 2017? Who are the key […]

5 Social Media Essentials for Every Content Distribution Team

Social Media is today a vital ingredient of an organization’s marketing efforts. However distributing content over the numerous social challenges is often a key challenge for new generation digital marketing associates. The dynamic nature of today’s content consumers often pose serious challenges to content creators and distributors to engage them continuously. Cook hacks for an […]

The rise of mCommerce: State of mobile driven commerce in 2018

The finding from a survey conducted by a commerce marketing company, shows that retail mobile apps convert 3.7 times more than mobile web. One of the reasons for this change can be attributed to increase in use of mobile devices to make payments. This clearly indicates that market trends are in favor of mobile commerce. […]

Top Industry Specific CMS predictions for 2017

Today’s Content Management Systems (CMS) focus on transforming customer experience by adopting a customer-centric approach, increased digitalization, and greater contextualization. A CMS channelizes customer-centric approach through: End-to-end customer support Greater blending of sales and support Greater scalability, with more number of virtual agents and self-service options  Increased digitalization with CMS: Spread of the cloud Greater […]

Ruby vs. Python: Which is the ideal platform for web development?

Python and Ruby are two popular programming languages for developing websites, web-based apps, and web services. Both are high-level, server-side scripting languages. Both combine power with simplicity, and enable rapid development. Here is a run-down of the key differences, to identify which one is ideal for web development. Both Python and Ruby are general purpose […]