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Top Benefits of Proprietary CMS

Looking for a good choice from the list of Proprietary CMS solutions? Then take a look at this Infographic that will help you pick the best fit for your enterprise. This piece analyzes the advantages and features of Proprietary CMS against various factors including cost, flexibility, hosting and portability, support, market share, and so on. […]

How Does a CMS Function?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a web application or an application suite that allows organizations to seamlessly create, modify, delete, and publish content.  in short, a content management system offers a set of procedures to manage content flow in a more collaborative environment. This Infographic details the functionality of CMS, and also looks up […]

Myths About Open Source Software

The open-source market has evolved gradually and underwent a lot of changes over time. Open-source is suitable for both large and small enterprises alike. It provides world-class support and services to the customers – an entirely different business model from what they are used to. Open source model comes with both advantages and disadvantages to […]

7 Dominant Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

Having a fair knowledge on the dynamic digital marketing trends and consistently applying them to build one-of-the-kind customer experiences are significant pointers to take your brand to the next level. From content and relationship marketing to the Internet of Things, there are several key factors that act as stepping stones. Checkout this Infographic to know […]

Real Time Personalization in Sitecore Experience Profile

Personalization is the ability to respond to a specific user’s online actions and behaviors in a customized way to meet his or her specific needs. Providing a personalized e-commerce experience increases customer satisfaction, which, in turn maximizes online profits. Success in driving online sales depends highly on presenting the right information and right offers at […]

The impact of Color on Consumer Behavior

The psychology of color and visual appearance with regards to persuasion and influence is one of the most fascinating and sometimes even controversial, aspects of marketing and consumer behavior. Research suggests that this aspect is a critical factor in marketing and branding. The buying pattern of consumers is based on their personal preference, upbringing, and […]

How Salesforce becomes the most preferred CRM solution

Salesforce was founded with a vision to redefine the Cloud CRM model. It sowed the seeds for a new era of cloud computing and brought in revolutionary changes to the concept of Customer Relationship Management. The USP of Salesforce is its presence across-the-board. It competes with Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft in the top-market. While these […]

Top 6 proprietary CMS

  Each Content Management System offers unique features and benefits. Identifying a CMS that is a right fit for your enterprise is vital as it can leave a lasting impact on business. Here we are trying to analyze the features of the top 6 Proprietary CMS against several criteria including market share, ease of use, […]

​How does a CRM work?

  A Customer Relationship Management System is a valuable arsenal for any company that values efficiency and productivity over everything else. The core idea behind a CRM is that an enterprise should have organized access to information pertaining to its accounts and its clients. In short, CRM solution serves as the point of transaction and […]

The Top 5 Marketing Apps in Salesforce : Infographic

The presence of a large and diverse set of apps in the Salesforce AppExchange allows marketers to orchestrate successful campaigns in an optimal way. AppExchange gives numerous options. But for ideal CRM results, before tapping into any AppExchange app, we should ideally step back and evaluate the business requirements. Secondly, the best way to meet […]