Lead Scoring - A Killer Method To Close More Deals

Every business has prospects, but if you don’t find a way to categorize or prioritize them, you will essentially take all your leads of the same quality. Lead Scoring provides a qualification system to identify which leads are ready to get connected with sales and which leads require further nurturing. Without a strong lead scoring system, you might miss out on the best sales opportunities.

The challenge is to filter out the irrelevant leads and fill your pipeline with potential leads that matter. The ultimate “win-win” happens only when sales and marketing work hand-in -hand to build a cohesive experience that will in turn generate more sales.

If you’re curious to take your marketing and sales efforts to close deals faster, this eBook will help you do it.

What’s in this eBook?

  • Predictive Lead Scoring and Analytics
  • Business benefits from using Lead Scoring
  • Calculating a basic lead score for customer profiles
  • How to identify your ideal customers
  • How to convert a potential lead to a customer
  • Techniques to improve your nurturing endeavour
  • How to align your marketing and sales team

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