Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

The treasure hunt at Suyati – adventure, fun, strategy and innovation!

Suyati’s annual day was announced, and as members of the organizing committee, we had to come up with a new entertainer – something that Suyati has never seen before. A treasure hunt! Involving the entire team at Suyati! The treasure hunt (TH) team was headed by our enthusiastic sales manager, Abhishek. He gathered a team […]

Suyatian Dreams- the journey of our first magazine from thought to print

I was minding my own business (and that of Suyati’s) when Unni walked up to me and said he needed a small help. I said “Sure”. Taking advantage of my nice nature, Unni pounced on my promise and said, “We need you to edit a magazine. It will have articles and stories written by our […]

Suyati’s Music Medley- When ecstasy ruled our spirit!

Suyati’s Music Medley- When ecstasy ruled our spirit!   “A live musical show? Where there is no karaoke or no recorded voice played in the background!” That was the reaction from few of the Suyatians, when Suyati’s 8th Annual Day celebration discussions happened. But the annual day committee took a bolder step, and affirmed, “Yes, we’re […]

What happens when Freshers STEP into Suyati? A dream journey begins

Is Suyati the best place to kick-start your career? Let’s talk to some freshers and find out. The transition from being a carefree college student to a professional IT player can either be a laborious progress, or a walk in the park – depending on the company you join. Every year, Suyati goes to college […]

Suyati has Got Talent!

One of the highpoint of Suyati’s 8th annual day celebration was the drama enacted by our own skilled actors and actresses. The skits usually performed by Suyatians during Onam and Christmas celebration showcased some of the amazing acting talent in our team. That’s why Unni wanted to take our dramatic skills to the next level […]

Techies@Suyati see the world. And solve customer problems!

Usually, it is the sales team in a company that gets to combine business with travel. But at Suyati, our tech team seems to be doing more of it!  As we grow by leaps and bounds, our technology evangelists are extending their service in style, right at the client’s office, across the world. In this […]

Suyati’s super women celebrate the elegance of womanhood

“How do you feel being a woman?” This was the first question that Revathi Krishna (our Chief Content Officer and Director- Strategy & Marketing) asked us when we kick-started the International Women’s Day celebrations on March 8th. From the moment a girl is born, she is taught to live with fear, guilt, and inhibition. It […]

Why should you send in your resume to Suyati Technologies?

All companies claim to treat their employees well and provide the best possible career path. And most of them do. So what is special about a job at Suyati? Here is what we think We lead by example: The executive team in any company is critical for business and employee success. At Suyati, the team […]

Tips for Corporate Professionals: Healthy Body & Healthy Mind – Part 1

Most of you would agree that life has become very mechanical. We wake up in the morning, do the routine things, go to office, again do the same kind of work, face tension and work pressure, leave late from office, have dinner from a fast food joint, sleep at odd times….   It’s also a […]

Suyati Cricket League – Auctions held in great fervor

2017 has begun with a bang at Suyati. The much-awaited Suyati Cricket League (SCL) is all set to hit the third season in a row. As usual, this year too, the SCL auctions happened amidst a huge gathering of enthusiastic Suyatians who cheered up for their favorite teams and players. There was fun, drama, laughter, […]