The task highlights

A leading seafood supplier with a global presence and pioneer among the seafood processing establishments. An ambitious client who wants to effectively utilize novel technologies for scaling further in the seafood business.To cater to new and emerging business requirements, the client wanted to build a B2C website with e-commerce functionalities integrated in order to facilitate online purchase of sea food. Building mobile apps was also part of the agenda. A client with ambitious plans to become the best e-commerce platform to deliver frozen seafood.

  • Partnered with a leading cloud telephony company in Asia for CRM integration
  • Developed new extensions using Magento for mobile applications
  • Integrated with SAP to maintain inventory and catalog
  • Built customized APIs based on client requirements
  • Created an app using GPS navigation to ease the process of delivery
  • Any virtual retailer like a life insurance agent can place orders on behalf of individuals
  • Social media integration in collaboration with a third party service provider
  • Call center functionality to serve the customer well
  • SMS and email notifications are sent to customers on registration, on receiving orders and when the products are delivered
  • Magento technology is widely used for extensions to improve site management, marketing, customer experience, and more. We utilized Magento’s comprehensive e-commerce technology to the fullest
  • Customized Magento-based e-commerce solution by adhering to the requirements of the client and transformed Magento backend to an easily manageable interface
  • Developed end-to-end ecommerce solutions with mobile apps in Android and iOS
  • Integration with SAP. All ERP including inventory and store management, inventory availability, delivery etc
  • Complete delivery chain automation
  • The website is tuned to work in real time so that there is no lag for the user
  • Improved overall sales performance
  • User-friendly interface and responsive theme integration
  • Automation of the site made it easy for even a non-technical staff to manage it
  • Customized integration with third-party systems to help easily manage logistics

About Suyati

When a client comes to us to develop a website using Magento, we aim to give them back something that is better than what they have envisioned. What Suyati brings to the table is the ability to plan a project according to the client’s budget, and deliver it on-time. Our core strengths lie in enhancing customer user journey, increasing conversions through personalized offering, mobility-enabled engagement, E-commerce marketing automation, ERP Integration and app creation.

Why us?

  • 25+ years of cumulative experience
  • 100% certified magento developers
  • 50+ ecommerce projects
  • We revamp entire supply chain, site & store operations
  • Global commerce capabilities to boost incremental sales
  • Optimize digital marketing channels for retailers for better ROI

Our Magento operations include:

  • Magento CE/ EE development
  • Magento performance optimization
  • Magento quality assurance , security & code validation
  • Magento recovery projects
  • Magento integration
  • Magento extension development
  • Magento training
  • Magento upgrades
  • Magento support & maintenance
  • Magento integration
  • E-commerce consultancy
  • User experience consulting

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