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What’s new in Magento Open Source 2.2.1 Release?

Magento has released new versions of Magento Commerce and Open Source, basically aimed at enhancing the security and functionality of the product. Resolving Glitches The updated Magento resolves some significant glitches which plagued earlier versions. Despite the best of precautions and extensive testing, large platforms such as Magento invariably end up spawning many errors and […]

New Business Intelligence for B2B companies by Magento

Magento Commerce announced their new Business Intelligence offering for B2B companies to connect commerce and revenue performance on November 2. This new offering by Magento has made their already robust reporting system more B2B oriented. B2B companies now can benefit from integrated reporting tools and improved dashboards which enables more effective decision making. Here is […]

7 ecommerce design trends to watch out for in 2018

Good design is good business. Steve Jobs is a visionary who put design and customer experience at the heart of Apple. It is this philosophy that catapulted Apple to become a billion dollar brand. Steve once said, “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology – not the other […]

What makes Magento the undisputed leader in B2B e-commerce

Magento and B2B e-commerce is a perfect match. The e-commerce platform complements perfectly the needs of modern-day B2B buyers who have become oblivious to paperwork, spreadsheets and over-a-telephone-call procurement methods. Also, the thin line that differentiates personal shopping and B2B commerce are blurring. B2B players expect the same level of user experience and convenience in […]

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Magento: How to win customer hearts with lightning fast product pages?

In today’s world, a second can last a lifetime. Or that’s the feeling one gets as webpages load on a mobile browser. From an e-commerce point of view, it has been a major problem. Despite mobile hogging 60% of the browsing traffic, it only contributed to 15% of the sales. This contrast is glaring when […]

Integrating Magento with your ERP? Follow these 5 best practices

Marriages, they say, are made in heaven. Yet some work, others don’t. From choosing the right partner with compatible life goals, to dedicating time and energy to the relationship, experts concur that there are definite ways and means to a successful marriage.    Likewise, integrating your Magento eCommerce platform with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) […]

Magento EE 2.14- What’s new in this version?

Description for the infographic: The e-commerce store Magento is popular because it is highly customizable. On February 7, 2017, Magento released new updates. The new features of the EE 2.14 version are aimed at achieving maximum revenue, improve performance and resolve security problems.

Magento Commerce introduces Magento Shipping multi-carrier solution

The shipping process is an integral element of e-commerce. Online stores and e-commerce merchants sell products all over the world using different shipping services. One of the primary challenges merchants face today is the dearth of cost-effective shipping processes that enable seamless product delivery. Known to be one of the most innovative solution providers in […]

How Magento supports multi-vendor extension with unmatched plug-ins?

It has been sometime since e-commerce has become the game-changer for many businesses. It was followed by a deluge of various platforms aspiring to provide better possibilities, opportunities, innovations and user experience on any online marketplace. Magento was born with the purpose to deliver exemplary levels of customization and usability to all parties concerned. However, […]

How to solve two distressing pain points in Magento

Magento is the ecommerce platform for future, there is no doubt about that. Since its official release in 2008, the activity around Magento seems to be high, estimates Google Trend. Moreover, out of the top 100,000 ecommerce websites, 16% use Magento ecommerce CMS. Considering all these factors, why users still complain about Magento? For one […]