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Magento Founders Launches OroCommerce for B2B Marketers

Former Magento co-founders, Yoav Kutner and Roy Rubin have launched OroCommerce 1.0, a cutting-edge e-commerce platform exclusively for B2B merchants. OroComemrce, the open-source platform, will offer a tangible platform for marketers to address the technology disruptions in complex B2B operations space. According to Frost & Sullivan, the B2B e-commerce market will touch $6.7 trillion by 2020. OroCommerce is […]

Enterprise Edition 2.1: The latest edition by Magento

Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 launches a range of features to revamp your shoppers’ experience. These features include PayPal enhancements, cloud deployment, Responsive Design Reference Themes and ElasticSearch among others. Modernize your shoppers’ experience with Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 Towards late June, Magento launched the Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1, an ecosystem of technology and tools geared to […]

The benefits of integrating Google Analytics with Magento

Now, you can extend the Magento experience with Google Universal Analytics extension! The extension can sync well with all the Magento CE versions (since 1.4) and all the Magento EE versions (since 1.10). The new version of Magento Connect flaunts customer group tracking, number of orders per customer tracking, scroll depth tracking and first order […]

The benefits of building e-commerce apps on Magento 2

With around 26% market share and a whopping 5000+ apps and add-ons, Magento undoubtedly is the most popular CMS for e-commerce. We already know Magento is a preferred e-commerce platform because: it allows uploading unlimited products permits to add a blog that can help with SEO has easy to use interface is scalable allows customization […]

Choosing the Right Magento Version: Community or Enterprise?

When you set up an e-commerce site for your brand, you are writing the fate of its virtual life. The first step towards creating a customer-oriented website is to design a blueprint of everything your brand stands for and how you can exhibit it through the site. The platform you choose will decide to what […]

Why Choose Magento E-Commerce

Magento, created by Varien, is a very influential e-commerce script that is developing. Being an open-source platform, its databases are Zend PHP and MySQL. The great flexibility offered by Magneto through its modular architecture, is completely accessible and has an extended range of control options that is appreciated by its users. Read on to find […]

Top Four Tips to Launch Magento 2.0 Extensions

Magento extensions are a great way of adding third party tools and features, which not only add to the usability of the site, but also contribute to the cutting edge USP of any e-commerce site. These extensions, which can be developed from the scratch or may also be used from a list of already developed […]

Building High Performance Websites with Magento

Constructed on the Zend architecture, Magento is an open-source shopping cart gradually rising in the world of ecommerce. The features that populate this sturdy platform include polls, mobile site, order management, manager store, shipments, widgets, coupon code, invoices and promotion activities. The solutions available on Magento depend on the needs of your website: Magento Enterprise, […]

How Magento's mobile-friendly themes increase conversion rates

  Being ‘mobile responsive’ is no longer an optional after-thought today, but it is a basic requirement for an enterprise to survive. More people now access internet using mobile devices. Recent surveys indicate that search results coming through desktop account for 61%, tablet 64%, and mobile devices 78%. In tune with the changing times, a major Google algorithm […]

The New Architecture and Database features of Magento 2.0

The much awaited Magento 2.0 is on the cusp of official release. It promises to be a major upgrade from the existing 1.x versions, involving a comprehensive revamp of legacy code, and introducing new features such as a powerful visual editor and “containers.” Magento 2.0 promises considerable performance improvements as well. Let us take a […]