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Redefine Manufacturing Efficiencies using Robotic Process Automation

Development strides in Artificial Intelligence, the continuous drop in the cost of cloud storage, ample availability of data and access to engineering talent is making digital labor the new engine of smart manufacturing. The Fourth Industrial Revolution powered by Digital Transformation brings to manufacturers a treasure trove of benefits including cost efficiencies, quality improvements, agile […]

How Blockchain is contributing to Manufacturing 4.0

Blockchain is making waves, and not just in bitcoins. As blockchain’s ability to disrupt key processes and established paradigms become evident, smart manufacturers have started to harness the potential to gain early mover advantage. The key strength of blockchain, which makes it so robust and popular, is decentralized storage of data, without any central authority. […]

How automation and mobility enhance the manufacturing sector

That human efficiency has improved, particularly in the manufacturing field, may be attributed largely to automation and mobility. Scores of processes can be managed simultaneously, with no dip in consistency and output, faster and tirelessly. It has ensured that the ‘global’ can come down to the local level and the local can move up the […]

Blockchain in manufacturing: 5 avenues worth exploring

Once upon a time – not too long ago – the possibility of disseminating information to anywhere in the world seemed preposterous. Internet was the buzzword then. Blockchain is the buzzword now. The technology is expected to take us from the “Internet of Information” to the “Internet of Value”, according to Don and Alex Tapscott, […]

How Big Is The Impact Of Big Data In Boosting Manufacturing Efficiency?

From equipment log sheets to digital spreadsheets, data capture is an ingrained routine of the manufacturing function. Without data, a factory foreman cannot steer manufacturing efforts in the right direction to meet production budgets. Without data, the operations manager cannot predict how and where resources are being spent and how justified the yield is. Data […]

A Guide to Implementing AI in your Manufacturing Business

Getting down to basics, the core of any learning is intelligence. Humans learn and use means of communication and depend on visual stimulation for cognitive intelligence enhancement; even for everyday tasks such as working on a computer or enjoying a movie. Much the same way, machines can be taught to perform tasks with the help […]

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: How Predictive Maintenance Could Be a Game Changer

Rising competition. Global pricing pressure. Volatile taxation. The manufacturing industry has a constant list of troubles to take care of. Above all this comes the unexpected and uninvited equipment breakdowns, which throws the spanner into the otherwise smooth manufacturing chain. Traditionally, manufacturers had to take equipment off their production hours to diagnose these emergency performance […]

How to create a connected supply chain with Digital Transformation

For any business to thrive, the basics include getting your supply chain management (a combination of logistics, transportation and warehouse facilities) in sync. This is something businesses have worked on much before digitization. With better connectivity and communication being enabled by digitization, the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) simply took things to the next […]

Industrial IoT Poised to Take the Industry to the Next Level

That the Internet of Things (IoT) is perfectly described as a disruptive technology is no surprise. In fact, in terms of digital transformation, the manufacturing industry has particularly emerged as a leader with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IoT is at the heart of the current industrial transformation (being labelled Industry 4.0) internationally. Based […]

Digital Transformation Trends in Manufacturing – How to Build Factories of the Future

The rise of the digital consumer has increased the challenges faced by manufacturers. Manufacturers not only need to make quality products at cheaper prices and at a faster rate, they need to adapt and evolve to constantly changing consumer tastes or newly arising industry needs as well. The cost of failure or downtime is at […]