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Enterprise Mobility Trends and Addressing Security Concerns

Market analysts predict that by 2018, 25 percent of corporate data will flow directly from mobile devices to the cloud completely bypassing the perimeter security. Until we reach that stage, security is the top concern for every enterprise that embraces mobile cloud-first technology approach. Enterprise mobility is a mobility ecosystem encompassing cloud services, apps, data […]

Is IoT A Top Technology Investment Today?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to be worth trillions of dollars by 2020. Studies suggest that nearly $6 trillion will be spent on IoT technology over the next five years. The concept is expected to be integrated into our society to lead us to a more convenient life in the near future. Businesses […]

Impact of Internet of Things on Logistics Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) has reached out to over 15 billion devices and if the prediction is to be believed, it would bring over 200 billion devices under its care by 2020. How will IoT impact the logistics industry?   In 2014, Gartner predicted a thirty-fold increase in the IoT-connected devices by about 2020 […]

Industry 4.0 and IoT- The emerging marketing trends

Each new technology that finds a prominent place for itself in the market can trigger off disruptive trends or changes in the market; and the reason- the utter speed at which the technology is adapted. In this infographic we try to explain those developments/trends that are going to impact the Industry 4.0 / Industrial Internet […]

5 Criteria for a Smart Manufacturing Software

Industry 4.0 and the smart factory has revolutionized the manufacturing industry and is being implemented throughout the world. The coalition of manufacturing experts and intelligent machines is a force to reckon with and as businesses realize this potential, there is a need for software that can bridge the gap. It is imperative to select the […]

Increasing Manufacturing Profitability With Data Monitoring in Cloud

A manufacturing process is marked by consistent identification of potential issues and managing them before they cause actual damage during the production flow. The monitoring of a production process majorly consists of seven key factors: count (good or bad), rate, reject ratio, taken time, target, downtime and overall equipment efficiency. Prominent and big companies in […]

The Impact of Internet of Things (IoT) in Manufacturing Industry

Considered as the most significant technology initiative of the decade – IoT is predicted to add $10-$15 trillion to the global GDP in the next two decades. Companies like Siemens and Cisco have already embraced IoT in their manufacturing plants. The infographic here talks about the advantages of having IoT in the manufacturing industry.

New-Age Manufacturing: Going the Industrial IoT way

Societies and civilizations are the outcome of communication among human circles. Sharing and exchange of information are also significant in machine-to-machine communication as it is among humans. The industrial revolution history has now evolved up to globalization and the technologically advanced world comprises a web that connects the devices and systems. More and more intelligent […]

Role of Predictive Analytics in Manufacturing Domain

Predictive Analytics is a gradually rising art of analyzing data to produce insights and consequently, formulate decisions and policies, keeping in mind estimations pertaining to the domain. Recent years have shown the application of predictive analytics to manufacturing field and opened up the vast possibilities inherent in using it to further business and profitability. The […]

Six Sigma: The Game Changer!

Six Sigma to me was only in books; until I started working with my new client company Hexion. Hexion has implemented Six Sigma programming across all its global organizations, and has made this a core process in its business operations. The Global Six Sigma & Business Improvement Award winner, is one of the best examples […]