Mekanate Suite

Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

The Mekanate suite is a set of Products, Tools, Frameworks and Methodologies that we use to reduce Go-To-Market time, cost of re-invention and increase quality in our Focus Areas:


Voraka is a cloud based content lifecycle management tool that caters to large-scale content creation needs. A brainchild of a team of talented developers, analysts, content creators and managers, Voraka solves a wide range of project, process, content, and writer related challenges faced by businesses in the content creation lifecycle.

Ektron to Episerver Migration Framework

A framework to enable quick migration of your Ektron website to Episerver, automating the process of migrating Data, Objects and Object History.

Community Chat/Debate Plugin

Plug community chat and debates you your CMS with our Community Chat Server and WebClient

Line Control

A Generic Bootstrap compatible Jquery Text Editor

Salesforce Sandbox Migration Tool

Migrate Data and Schema between your Salesforce Sandboxes quickly and reliably

Converted Leads Finder

Salesforce App to measure and report the conversion rates of your leads.

Cloud Recruit

Cloud Recruit is an application that manages recruitment process of a company. It helps the company to create and manage information about positions in the company, the candidates, interviews conducted, trainees and employees

Sitefinity-Microsoft Dynamics Connector

The Connector will provide the ability to send any forms of data from Sitefinity Portal to Dynamics CRM.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Framework

Capability framework that helps the customer to migrate to Magento 2.0

Magento SAP Integration Plugin

Integrate Magento with your SAP ERP for Inventory Management and seamless order fulfilment.

Plug and Play Mobile Applications for Magento 2

Empower your eCommerce customers with native mobile applications for your Magento 2 Platform.

Fleet Management for Magento

Manage your Delivery Fleet from your Magento platform. Get Real-time delivery status update, GPS-enabled navigation and Delivery confirmation.

OLAP Plugin for Magento

An OLAP plugin that works with an OLAP server for Magento 2. This will allow customers to generate and save any custom report on Magento 2.


Magento Plugin to save Contact Forms in the Magento DB and manage through Admin Pane


The word of mouth employee advocacy marketing platform that transforms your employees, customers and partners as trusted brand advocates.

Reporting client for OLAP Cubes Servers

Front end for any OLAP Cubes Server API built in React.js. Integrated with Google Charts for visualization.


Helps create a basic framework for Social media networks like twitter on PHP5 and MongoDB.


Python Package for comparing MongoDB documents.

Dynamic Survey Tool

Allows designing forms through a visual Web editor and has mobile SDKs to render the form and accept the inputs.

OpenTok-Text Chat iOS SDK

Enable Text chat in your iOS applications using the OpenTok service.