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What are the Challenges in developing frameworks for Smart Mobile Apps?

Mobile technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, there is an app for everything; from booking a movie ticket to making money transfers, to apply for leave in office, to collaborate with a remote team, and so on. But success of an app depends on finding the right market, and a right development framework […]

Enterprise Mobility Trends and Addressing Security Concerns

Market analysts predict that by 2018, 25 percent of corporate data will flow directly from mobile devices to the cloud completely bypassing the perimeter security. Until we reach that stage, security is the top concern for every enterprise that embraces mobile cloud-first technology approach. Enterprise mobility is a mobility ecosystem encompassing cloud services, apps, data […]

Apple’s WWDC Conference: Expect a new iPad and a mysterious Siri speaker

The 28th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) hosted by Apple from June 5-9, 2017 at San Jose will witness the launch of not one but two hardware devices- an updated iPad and a mysterious Siri speaker which will compete with Amazon’s Echo. The WWDC is a developer conference that has majorly seen Apple focusing on […]

Factors to consider when building mobile apps on the Cloud

Mobile apps have changed the way how business is conducted. It has altered the way employees interact with employers as well as how service providers and clients interact. The unlimited capabilities these applications have been able to bring together, makes it easy to conduct even the most difficult business operations. With the improved efficiency of […]

MEAP – How it helps in developing seamless mobile applications?

The power of digital in a world governed by the Internet of Things (IoT) cannot be underscored enough. With digital transformation almost becoming the new normal, enterprises are looking at ways to streamline processes and overcome all forms of technical glitches. Heritage business applications such as CRM and ERP have to constantly evolve to be […]

What are the Benefits of IoT integration with enterprise apps?

In the technology-driven world that we are in today, everything from customer relationships to business intelligence and supply chain is managed with complex software. With the Internet of Things (IoT) empowering users and leading the frontier in today’s digital revolution, organizations are consistently focusing their energies at increasing productivity through the deployment of new business […]

The role of AI and GPS in enterprise mobile apps

It’s like waiting for the release of that chartbuster movie. One look at the star cast and you know it is going to be a hit! Similarly, when it comes to the story of enterprise mobile apps, the lead players make its prospects look very promising. Both artificial intelligence (AI) and global positioning system (GPS) […]

How do enterprises benefit from Microservices Architecture

Microservices is born from the idea that some kinds of applications can be built and maintained in an easier way by breaking them down into small and compact units which can function together. Every part has a specific function and is separately built. It communicates with the other parts through universally reachable APIs. The application […]

Microsoft brings Solitaire to Android and iOS

Yesterday (23rd Nov), Microsoft introduced its most popular version of Solitaire Collection to iOS and Android platforms. The game has been existent on Windows for more than two decades now. For the first time, Microsoft is making the Solitaire Collection available outside Windows. Microsoft is now offering Solitaire to iOS and Android free of cost. […]

Microsoft Introduces New Cloud Bot Service for Azure

Microsoft is introducing a new cloud based bot service for its Azure platform. Now developers can create smart bots for Azure using the new addition to the Microsoft Bot Framework. The bots will operate on Azure functions and allow enterprises to improvise/scale them as needed. Using the Azure Bot Service, developers can build, connect, deploy, […]