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Top Mobile App Development Trends of 2018

There is little doubt that mobile app development has now grown to become an integral investment for most companies. You see it across sectors – from retail, to entertainment to banking and even medical services. Statistics available say that the number of free apps downloaded in 2017 is projected to increase to more than 254 […]

Top trends to watch out for this Holiday Shopping season

November and December are the peak holiday shopping season, which can make or break an online retailer. However, this season is also highly competitive. E-tailers need to have a grasp on the latest trends influencing shoppers, and position their strategy accordingly, to ride the tide. Here are the top trends to watch out for this […]

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Magento: How to win customer hearts with lightning fast product pages?

In today’s world, a second can last a lifetime. Or that’s the feeling one gets as webpages load on a mobile browser. From an e-commerce point of view, it has been a major problem. Despite mobile hogging 60% of the browsing traffic, it only contributed to 15% of the sales. This contrast is glaring when […]

5 ways to make your social media strategy a hit

With social media gaining ground as the ultimate marketing tool, there is more reason to believe that it is an impact-driven resource to drive advertising goals. Especially with the onset of digital, the traditional methods of advertising seem to be losing their sheen, and businesses are looking to harness the power of social media positively. […]

Secret to app store optimization? Smart meta descriptions

Say you are looking for an app to help you get fit. How do you find that perfect fitness app? Chances are you’ll head to the app store for some window-shopping. Naturally, the apps that have better visibility and smarter positioning will stand out in the sea of apps competing for customer attention. While an […]

PowerApps, Microsoft’s new tool, accelerates and simplifies the process of app creation. It allows ordinary enterprise users to create an app out of the data they have, to work across the web and mobile seamlessly, and collaborate effectively, without being restrained by enterprise red-tape. While there is no shortage of services promising to make app […]

Here is what you need to know about Google’s new Payment app Tez

Google has finally jumped on the digital payment bandwagon in India with Tez.  It is an UPI (Unified Payments Interface) based app that has been developed specific to India. With players like Paytm and PhonePe already established in the market, Google has dodged the competitors by making its design in tune with the Apple Pay, […]

The rise of mCommerce: State of mobile driven commerce in 2018

The finding from a survey conducted by a commerce marketing company, shows that retail mobile apps convert 3.7 times more than mobile web. One of the reasons for this change can be attributed to increase in use of mobile devices to make payments. This clearly indicates that market trends are in favor of mobile commerce. […]

Where is mobile driven Commerce heading?

Shopping via smart phone is a trend that is set to grow tremendously. Forrester has indicated that in the US alone, mobile users are expected to shop for $90 billion by the end of 2017.  These numbers go to show that retailers must provide shoppers with an easy and memorable shopping experience. To achieve this […]

What are the Challenges in developing frameworks for Smart Mobile Apps?

Mobile technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, there is an app for everything; from booking a movie ticket to making money transfers, to apply for leave in office, to collaborate with a remote team, and so on. But success of an app depends on finding the right market, and a right development framework […]