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MongoDB’s Atlas Database as a Service offering released worldwide

  With this new offering, users across the globe will have the ability to co-locate the operational DB service near the application it supports. Atlas is a cloud-based version of MongoDB’s open source, NoSQL DB. When MongoDB launched Atlas in June 2016, it was made available only in five AWS regions with three availability zones […]

Future of MongoDB: What is in store for you?

Earlier, MongoDB was a simple database that aimed at swift implementation by building-from-ground. Over time, it took JSON document format as a friendly extension that could smoothly handle complex data types (for instance, there was no need to squeeze them into columns and rows of the relational databases). This simplicity and dynamic structure allowed MongoDB […]

MongoDB launches improved version 3.4

  MongoDB, the NoSQL database provider has released version 3.4. Enterprises love MongoDB for its broad applicability to a variety of use cases. There is always scope for improvement and that’s what Mongo DB tries to achieve with its newer versions. This new version is faster, and offers a variety of options to simplify application […]

What Does Atlas From MongoDB Have In Store For You?

MongoDB recently revealed Atlas, the latest service cloud offering to join its impressive suite of database technology.   Since its launch, MongoDB has emerged as the biggest open-source revolution to hit the document database space and is fast catching up with prominent database technologies like MySQL and SQL Server. MongoDB is popular with developers due […]

Decoding the buzz created by MongoDB at the MongoDB World 2015

Even as the MongoDB leaders at the recent MongoDBWorld 2015 event geared up to answer queries regarding the new and upcoming enhancements made to the leading NoSQL database that will be a part of MongoDB 3.2 release, there was a lot of buzz around the swappable storage engine, a part of the MongoDB 3.0 release […]

MongoDB: Semantics & Big Data environments merge to give us innovative technology!

Expert System, leaders of semantic technology has announced its partnership with the leading database provider, MongoDB. Before we analyze the implications of two big names, leaders in their respective fields, entering into a strong alliance, let’s understand what each of them brings to the table. Expert systems are leaders in semantic technology. Cogito, their patented, […]