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Key benefits of MS Dynamics 365

A satisfied customer is the end goal every department in every organization works in tandem towards. What helps is the right kind of quality data that is collected through your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Having an integrated solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, when used correctly, can ensure a huge boost in innovation and […]

All you need to know about Business Process Flow in Dynamics 365

The business process flow feature in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps the user to understand the various stages associated with the business and the vital information that is captured in each stage. There can be multiple business process flows for an Entity, along with the ability to create custom ones whenever needed. This blog […]

How is Microsoft positioning Dynamics 365 as a catalyst in Digital Transformation?

The winds of change spare no one. Every enterprise is in the process of some transition or other, trying to cope with a highly fluid business environment, characterized by fast-paced changes. Two common threads underlying the transformation efforts are Updating legacy systems to leverage the latest technologies, in a quest to stay relevant. A focus […]

Make it easy with Relevance Search – Dynamics 365

Have you ever been in a scenario where you wanted to search immediately for a “Client/Customer” during a call or even a phrase without being sure of which entity (accounts, leads, opportunity, contact …) it belongs to? Or that you wanted to search for a document you had uploaded sometime in the past, but not […]

M S Dynamics CRM Security Model

For every business user data security is the first concern while purchasing a new software for business. MS Dynamics CRM is a software application which is designed keeping such concerns in mind. As a move in the direction of improved data security, Dynamics has introduced a new security model. The main features of the security […]

Choosing a CRM for Your Bank

The banking industry has not had it easy – there has been decline in profit growth, asset quality continues to be stressed, and the increased capital for demand regularly clashes with regulatory requirements slowing things down. What has worked at keeping things on an even keel is customer retention and management. And that, in turn, […]

What can social CRM software help your business accomplish

The rapid proliferation and adoption of social media has steadily led to the need for customer engagement on social media platforms. The customer relationship life cycle has undergone a transformation with social media communication turning into a distinct channel to reach customers. Traditionally, CRM worked only within the confines of brick and mortar spaces and […]

Key Takeaways for CRMUG Summit 2017

The CRMUG, the largest knowledge resource for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users has evolved tremendously over the last 10 years. The conference provides a platform to share ideas, peer to peer knowledge exchange and even insights to new products of Microsoft Dynamics 365 & CRM. The CRMUG Summit 2017 is to be held at Nashville from […]

PowerApps, Microsoft’s new tool, accelerates and simplifies the process of app creation. It allows ordinary enterprise users to create an app out of the data they have, to work across the web and mobile seamlessly, and collaborate effectively, without being restrained by enterprise red-tape. While there is no shortage of services promising to make app […]

Field Services foraying into the World of Digital

With customer becoming the center of every business transaction in today’s digitized word, it is important to adopt applications that enable effective customer retention and engagement. Therefore, enterprises are going all out to equip themselves with technology that facilitates faster processes and meets customer needs efficiently, without compromising on quality. It is in this context […]