Online Proctoring: Make the Best of Remote Learning


As e-learning or online schooling becomes more prevalent, institutions are being challenged by how to effectively verify the validity and quality of their online programs. Online Proctoring is the most convincing solution today to provide a quality remote education with classroom-type security.

Besides a supporting platform for online learning, online proctoring is a very reliable solution to ensure authenticity and transparency in remote exams.This is not just an option to tide over a long-term lockdown situation, but a reliable approach to reinforce teaching with academic integrity at the convenience of anytime learning.

However, even after you decide to use online proctoring, you will likely find yourself facing many questions. And this eBook has the answer to all of them. Download your copy to learn how online proctoring can help make the best of remote education.

What’s in this eBook?

  • How online proctoring works for institutions
  • Prerequisites for using online proctoring
  • Different types of online proctoring
  • Who can use an online proctor
  • How effective is online proctoring solution
  • Advantages of online proctoring solution