Online Proctoring Solution for your trusted exams to the next level?

On-Demand. Secured. Reliable.

Scale up your digital infrastructure with a customizable proctoring solution to conduct regular classes and online exams remotely, with much convenience and flexibility.



Key Highlights of Our Proctoring Solution


Live Secure Proctoring provides everything that you need to conduct a virtual class or an online exam with the best experience possible. It conducts a complete sweep of the exam room ensuring all unauthorized materials are removed before the exam begins.

  • Quick Candidate Authentication
  • Notifications on suspicious activity
  • Logging suspicious browser activity
  • Session monitoring
  • Secure Exam Browser
  • Enhanced security features

Record & Review

On completing authentication, the system observes and records the exam/class from start to finish. A proctor later reviews the video. It gives the students the flexibility to deliver assessments or attend classes anywhere, anytime while maintaining integrity.

  • Webcam and screen video recording
  • Forced full screen for duration of exam
  • Disable print or downloads and prevents screenshot capture
  • Live review of exam recording
  • Human Audit


Upon exam completion and submitted, the auditor will review both the authentication process and proctoring session. After the review, it will release a detailed report. It ensures a higher level of learning integrity by removing bias and human error.

  • Real-time on screen report
  • Desktop screenshots of any misconduct
  • Video playback of the student’s testing environment
  • Immediate Exam intervention
  • Fast-turnaround integrity reports
  • Exam satisfaction survey

Advanced Features

Our Remote Proctoring solution uses cutting-edge tools that are driven by AI to provide a holistic solution to conduct virtual classes and online exams. It is easily integrated and customizable to your needs and ensures low costs, top-notch features, and flexibility of options.

Real time Monitoring

Online ID Authentication

Secure Exam Browser

Auto Proctoring

Cheat Proof Online Live Test

Guaranteed Uptime

Major Benefits
of the Solution

Exams at convenience with a single click
Remote access to application
Strong verification and authentication
Real-time image, video & audio capturing of user actions
Recorded exams
Independent of OS and easily accessible outside campus
Online invigilation
Refrain students from unfair means
Increase frequency of assessments in an academic year
No downtime or any interruptions

Why Partner With Us?


  • Easily integrates into your existing system.
  • LMS & exam delivery integrations
  • Partnerships with major content providers
  • Structured classes and exam process


  • Helping you start out on the right foot.
  • Structured onboarding process
  • Review and development of integrity policies
  • Customized FERPA compliant solutions


  • Weekly/Monthly analytics reports
  • Student/User satisfaction surveys
  • Viewing of complete exams in real-time
  • At par with industry standards and compliance


  • Technical support and services for students
  • Dedicated account manager for every admin
  • 24/7 support Access
  • On-demand proctoring

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