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Ruby vs. Python: Which is the ideal platform for web development?

Python and Ruby are two popular programming languages for developing websites, web-based apps, and web services. Both are high-level, server-side scripting languages. Both combine power with simplicity, and enable rapid development. Here is a run-down of the key differences, to identify which one is ideal for web development. Both Python and Ruby are general purpose […]

Optimizing PHP website to boost your Business

The need to work toward website optimization is a must for web developers today. To achieve this goal, web developers are constantly striving to adopt the best practices in the industry. One of the best ways to create a useful website that is both customizable and dynamic is via PHP, a powerful scripting language. Considered […]

Black Duck join hands with Atlassian for greater open source security

The rapid growth in open source usage has given rise to significant security and management challenges.Coming up with a solution, Black Duck – the global leader in automated solutions for securing and managing open source has joined hands with Atlassian Corporation Plc., which is a leading provider of team collaboration tools and productivity software. With these two […]

PHP for Enterprise Apps: Scope, Limitations and Frameworks

Building applications for enterprises is geared by values of strategic creativity than by values of experimentation. With apps which are intended to be mission-critical, one cannot experiment. There is a need to come up with action plans for three core organizational regions: security, production support and maintenance. While most companies tend to consider their application […]

Google releases E2EMail Encryption Code to Open Source

Google released its E2EMail Encryption code to open source last week, which is expected to give a fillip to the open source technology. Open source will accelerate Google’s progress in E2EMail encryption. Google commenced its E2EMail project one year back with the aim of launching a Chrome app that would facilitate easy exchange of private […]

What’s the future of Ruby on Rails in 2017?

Ruby on Rails (RoR) had gained much attention a decade back, as it had changed the way web products were made. It made it possible, to pack lot of expressions in just few lines of code. But over the past few years, with the rise of PHP, Java and Python, the future of RoR has been […]

Why Open Source Middleware is the right fit for IoT?

At the forefront of this internet age, enterprise infrastructure has been key to providing many business solutions. The enterprise infrastructure market, especially in the IoT space is undergoing a sea change.   Open source middleware has earned its place, because it fuels the rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Several organizations are now […]

How Open Source Technology Trends will Change Enterprises in 2017

Open source is in the midst of an unprecedented boom. These days, about 95% of all applications feature some source of open technology, enabling developers to cut costs, gain flexibility, accelerate time to market, and obtain several other benefits. However, as always, technology is always in a continuous state of flux, and as the New […]

Guide to languages Python and R: Machine learning and data analysis

In almost every region of data analytics and machine learning that is breeding innovation, we can see the rule of open-source tools. To cite a powerful instance, Python and R languages have set up a strong community of open-source libraries and tools for assisting data-scientists in carrying out analytical tasks. Data analytics and machine learning […]

What’s happening with open source technology at the end of 2016?

Open source is continuously evolving and in 2016, it was the key driver of the digital transformation permeating all walks of life.  In 2017, open source is all set to touch new heights with not just refinements to make existing technologies better, but also with new path breaking paradigms. Collaboration to Touch New Heights Open […]