Customisation and Configuration

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is one of the most important technology implementations in your organization. The reason being, it helps you bring in more sales, convert leads into prospects, track customer queries and issues and resolve them thereby winning loyalty and ultimately ensure your organization’s revenue pipeline is optimized and sizeable at any point of time.


Customize MS Dynamics to your need

When you have decided to choose MS Dynamics to create a powerful CRM ecosystem in your organization, you have chosen the right product in the road to success. To complete the journey, it requires a strategic implementation partner for which Suyati is the right choice. We help to customize MS Dynamics according to your business needs and drive results that are tangible.

We offer strategic MS Dynamics implementation services for MS Dynamics and help our clients streamline their customer management strategy effortlessly with powerful tools and insights provided by MS Dynamics. Through our consultative approach, we bond well with your key business processes before designing an implementation plan. Even though we have a track record of many successful MS Dynamics implementation, we treat every new requirement as a unique opportunity to create value for our customers.

Configure MS Dynamics to create value

We help to configure MS Dynamics in your organization and drive value across the entire customer success journey through MS Dynamics implementation by

Deep Analysis

Examining pain points and business workflows to determine the best customer journey paths for every offering of the client. Using industry standard analysis techniques, we determine key focus areas that needs re-orientation or re-alignment with business goals before implementing an MS Dynamics technology extension for that area.

Future Proof Solutions

Our solution experts for MS Dynamics understand the need for your CRM system to be scalable and support vertical and horizontal growth within your organization. These would involve providing a smooth platform for change management across product and service lines and in multiple geographies. We ensure that this will be done at all costs so that as your organization grows, the CRM would scale itself to accommodate your growth irrespective of the pace.

Involving Stakeholders

A CRM would be used by multiple stakeholders who would need expert guidance and assistance in using the apps and tools provided by the CRM to engage customers. We ensure that detailed guidelines and usage sessions are provided by our consultants to empower client users to effectively utilize MS Dynamics in its full potential. We also involve key stakeholders of every sales function during the design of the CRM tool for implementing to ensure that all key business areas are mapped on to the CRM when it goes live. If implementing an MS Dynamics solution is in your cards, Suyati is the best choice for the task as we have the right skills, the perfect agility and the most envisaged roadmap to a successful MS Dynamics implementation.