Dynamics Cloud Deployment

Today, businesses concentrate on creating as much value possible with their technology with lower costs as well. This has accelerated the push to drive technology solutions into the cloud as it offers more flexibility and scalability for businesses to experiment with technology. The pay-as-you-go and the use-as-you-need model for software has truly been a hit with business enterprises of all sizes. For MS Dynamics, the cloud is never a challenge as Microsoft ensured that the comprehensive business suite has the stable and scalable architecture to be deployed across organizations that follow a cloud-only or hybrid cloud strategy for software deployments in their business operations.

Suyati has ensured that its customers receive the most benefits from their MS Dynamics implementations on the cloud. Our expertise in handling multiple cloud technology vendors created more value for our clients by providing choices that are best suited for their line of business. We do not just deploy your Dynamics CRM suite on the cloud, but create a consultative path for effective deployment of the software across business lines and across multiple geographies having various demographic and regulatory compliance requirements. With our cloud offerings for MS Dynamics, Suyati has transformed business capabilities for some of the most elite names in the industry. Our MS Dynamics cloud deployment results in


Ease of doing sales

Running your sales function becomes easy when you can flexibly adopt to changing market conditions. With lowered cost of operations, there is potentially more money to spend on core business activities and improve profits considerably.

Scale up on demand

With a cloud based deployment, it becomes easier for organizations to scale up their customer relationship management associate strength depending on demand as more instances of the business suite can be activated on the go for agents to work on as per demand.

Easier Upgrades

The biggest benefit of cloud based deployments for MS Dynamics CRM is that version upgrades and important updates can be effortlessly integrated into the software. There will not be disruptions to core business operations when services are upgraded.

Suyati’s tryst with MS Dynamics on the cloud would result in improved business agility and enhanced flexibility for organizations. It will result in overall value growth and drive performance within organizational units.