Episerver Integration

Suyati understands the need for companies to gain deep insights into their business from their technology implementations. For data residing in multiple systems, it is imperative to create a connected enterprise technology infrastructure for this data to be exchanged between systems and create value. We enable our customers to integrate their Episerver CMS with multiple systems across their business ecosystem like their CRM, PIM, ERP, e-commerce and much more. Episerver has been built with a flexible technology architecture that has options for integrating smoothly with other external systems. Our consultants work across technology platforms to understand how data is produced and managed through different tools and create connection interfaces for them to communicate.


Our broad expertise with handling multiple projects across different digital ecosystems with deep rooted industry expertise as well enables our clients to benefit from integrations that are customized for their varied data silos and information hierarchies. From end-to-end integration to custom module developments, we ensure that there is a 360 degree approach to every integration feature we provide to our customers. Our strict QA practices would ensure that integrations stand the test of time and scale and data exchange happens smoothly without affecting consistency and integrity of information. Our capabilities as a system integrator are supported by our large ecosystem of technology partners in multiple domains and our large pool of consultants who have worked across business domains.

At Suyati, we empower our resources with the right tools and knowledge resources to have a thorough understanding of today’s business ecosystem which they translate into delightful customer experiences while providing technology solutions. Our Episerver integration services are strategically poised to create the most simplified integration with 3rd party systems by utilizing Episerver’s support for SOAP, WSDL, Windows Workflow and WSRP. With better integrations, your marketing and content team have access to a large plethora of insights from different systems to bolster their targeting and customer acquisition strategies.