Episerver Upgradation

Our multi-faceted technology expertise in Episerver entails clients to upgrade from previous versions of Episerver CMS to the latest and most advanced versions. Our services are aligned to ensure that our clients enjoy a 360 degree assurance of their web real estate utilizing Episerver’s CMS platform and we foresee upgrades as a vital part of this process. Over time, any technology needs improvement to help businesses utilizing them to stay relevant in highly competitive markets. Episerver is no exception to this trend and we at Suyati ensure that our consultants are well aware of the latest developments and ultimately our customers enjoy the benefits with major upgrades done in minimal time and with no disruption to their actual business models.


Every technology upgrade is a painstaking challenge for enterprises because of the fear of data integrity and the friction it creates for staff and technology administrators who use the technology to run the business. Suyati understands these challenges and ensures that the upgrade is done using best practices and every new functionality or feature or even user interface change is properly documented. We then impart knowledge on how to use them to users with informative sessions so that making the switch to the new system would never be a painful affair for users. Besides, our robust data management and privacy assurance policies will ensure that data integrity is maintained during the upgrade and enterprises suffer no loss either in terms of data or business units that are dependent on the data generated by these web systems.

Our robust Quality Assurance services ensure that during the technology upgrade both data integrity and process stability is intact. We perform strict audits across your content delivery networks to ensure that no component or data exchange portals have suffered functionality or data losses due to the upgrade. Inter platform communication networks often face critical downtime when major upgrades happen. We ensure that this is minimised to a bare minimum or negligible in terms of business impact.