For businesses to compete in today’s rapidly globalizing markets, it is vital for them to have a synchronized technology ecosystem across their entire operational value chain. Everyone from their partners, suppliers, employees and ultimately customers need to be tightly integrated into information exchange systems so that different business units can seamlessly work together to meet customer needs and result in better bottom line growth. Customer satisfaction is the need of the hour for businesses to navigate through tough market conditions as a favourable customer perception would enable better sales visibility across channels thanks to recommendations and direct referrals from existing customers.

When you have made the choice of MS Dynamics as your enterprise’s CRM backbone, it is essential to integrate other technology systems across your business with MS Dynamics to witness the full potential of Dynamics in driving a transformative customer success story for your end users.


Default Integrations

We ensure that multiple business apps in MS Dynamics are properly synced within the CRM ecosystem in your organization to drive more efficient sales processes.

Custom Integrations

For more intelligent and transformative experiences for end users, we enable multiple 3rd party tools to be integrated with MS Dynamics to create a well mapped customer journey.

Suyati understands the need to establish a collaborative IT ecosystem within your organization that smoothly exchanges information and insights across systems to ultimately create value for end users. To facilitate this collaboration between major business applications, we build ready to deploy connectors that allow smooth exchange of data and insights across platforms without disrupting work flows or causing any loss to data integrity during exchange.

With our integration services, we enable the entire suite of MS Dynamics to communicate effectively with other business systems and contribute to collaborative success across your organization. Our expertise in integration include:

  • Integration with analytics and insight tools
  • Integration with productivity tools
  • Integration with collaborative tools
  • Integration with CMS and Web portals
  • Integration with e-commerce and POS tools
  • Integration with customer engagement portals and social media

We ensure that irrespective of vendors, our implementations in MS Dynamics are effectively integrated with 3rd party business applications across your organization and you achieve the benefits of such integrations throughout the year. Our consultative approach ensures that there are no disruptions for your business functions during or after integration and key stakeholders are provided with guidance on running different systems in sync after the implementation of MS Dynamics.