Magento Integration Services

Power your Magento site with Suyati’s integration services!

Gift your users the ultimate shopping experience by integrating third-party software and useful APIs. Magento is an unmatched ecommerce tool when it comes to managing an online store. By nature, Magento offers numerous features that can be leveraged by integrating extensions to meet the rapidly evolving demands of the industry. Make your Magento store a holistic ordering and delivery solution with Suyati’s Magento integration suite.

Magento is evolving steadily and rapidly as the best ecommerce platform. Magento offers many free templates, widgets, modules, add-ons, plugins, and other useful components and is supported by a large community of open source developers and users. Magento becomes the topmost choice of many enterprise-level retailers as the platform increases organic and natural traffic. How well could you leverage this ecommerce platform? That’s why many online merchants go for integrating certain components to Magento. Such kind of integrations help you in addressing your store-specific needs and enhance the user experience.


How integrating third-party components adds value to your business?

Integrating your Magento site with the required APIs, third-party suites, custom modules or extensions can eliminate data errors and promote sales activities. It also leads to prompt order fulfilment and shipping and help you gain positive customer reviews. With suitable integrations, you get a 360-degree view of your business and smoothens your communication channels.

  • Empowers your online selling capabilities by offering your customers a seamless user journey and experience

  • Standardizes your business procedure and enhances your online exposure.

  • Identifying and integrating the right components or modules allows you to be in track of all aspects of your business.

  • You can have a well-maintained analytics dashboard for each user that helps you get reports and insights in real-time.

  • It is easy for you to manage your sales and marketing activities, campaigns etc.

  • Integrating social media tools offer you, better visibility across all channels (improves your omnichannel capability).

  • Integrating the right modules and components to your Magento site can save your time and budget allowing you to focus on business development activities.

Magento Integration Services offered by Suyati:

  • Magento-ERP integration

  • Magento-CRM integration

  • Magento Theme Integration

  • Magento Extensions development & integration

  • Magento PayPal integration

  • Magento eBay integration

  • Magento Amazon integration

  • Magento Salesforce integration

  • Magento MailChimp integration

  • Social media integration

  • Integrating blogs

Suyati’s Magento team has a vast experience with most of the aspects of the ecommerce industry and we identify the right kind of integrations that keep you ahead in your ecommerce endeavors. At each stage, we value our customers’ opinions and handhold them in choosing the right APIs, extensions, and other third-party components that fit their purpose. We also plan out our integration tasks in such a way that your end customers will enjoy an all-inclusive Magento experience.

Magento offers extensive support to integrate many of Google’s services. Services like Google Analytics, Google Checkout and Google Base can be integrated with Magento. This enables tracking traffic effectively and allows businesses to come up with strategies to attract more target audience.

Integrating third-party extensions with Magento is much easier with our integration suite. If you are looking for any specific integrations not listed above, contact us immediately. Convert your visitors to loyal customers now!