Magento Support and Maintenance Services

Unparalleled Magento Support & Maintenance for better site operations!

The success of an ecommerce site depends not just on its look and feel, but its usability, ease of navigation, quick ordering and checkout features, responsiveness and speed. At Suyati, we take care of all these factors very well into account from day one. Apart from just delivering your website, we do make sure that things are alright at your end and also extend our hands to serve you post site development.

Hence, a well-maintained website can be termed the face of your brand. Sometimes, you may not be able to locate skilled development assistance while you require, mostly when it comes to per incident basis. Our Magento support and maintenance specialists are there to do just that! At Suyati, we have a team of certified and experienced Magento developers who transform your online experience with their tremendous and exemplary capabilities in developing, supporting and maintaining your Magento site. To deliver the best support, we rather conduct a complete assessment of our customer websites and identify the loopholes. We also offer flexible packages that serve support and maintenance on monthly contract basis or for specific requirements. We are available 24/7 online and have rich expertise in the retail and ecommerce domains.


Magento Support & Maintenance: The Suyati Advantage:

  • Quick accessibility and availability of developers across phone, email, instant messaging platform etc.

  • Fast Magento extension support, we take less time to respond to issues

  • Adhering to SLAs and ability to proactively take ownership

  • Proper case management and tracking with online updates made available to customers

  • Availability of technical and delivery assistance on demand

  • A proper project management system to ensure smooth functioning of client’s applications

  • End-to-end support with Magento development and customization

Not just that! Suyati has a dedicated team of certified developers, solution and technical architects, and marketing experts who work round the clock ensuring that our customers never face terrible hiccups while administering Magento website, modules, plugins or any other components. We strive to use the best technology to provide faster and seamless user experience. Our interaction channels are transparent and clear allowing a smooth flow of communication. This makes it easy for our customers to avail support and maintenance services. Our support and maintenance process in cost-effective and flexible with minimum turn-around time.

Magento Support & Maintenance: The value-adds:

  • Troubleshooting and supporting

  • Providing workarounds and bug fixes

  • Dedicated Global Team (DGT)- to support additions and updates of features

  • Fast incident response service

  • Handling other general enquiries

  • Meeting additional training requirements

  • Upgrade advice and solutions

  • Quality Assurance

  • Error-free Magento code structure

We follow the industry best practices to optimize the performance of your Magento store and install security updates and patches regularly. Apart from the regular bug fixes and module updates, we always monitor your sites for any possible malwares and offer downtime support. We can also extend our support on implementing enhancements and feature extensions and configure the same as required. Leave your issues to us and focus on the growth of your business. Contact us to know more about Suyati’s Magento Support and Maintenance solutions.