Migrating to Magento Ecommerce

Mold your ecommerce future with Magento!

Eventually, most of you might be thinking of moving to Magento because Magento is the platform made for ecommerce. Magento offers almost everything that your ecommerce site would require including advanced shipping and supplier management, clean user dashboards, cross selling and up selling capabilities that come in house, efficient product catalog, advanced inventory management, facility to integrate numerous extensions and third-party software, CMS options, and more.



Why migrate to Magento?

Migrating to a new ecommerce platform is definitely a tough choice for online retailers as they need to do a detailed comparison between their existing platform and the new platform in terms of performance, functionality and legacy data. Switch to the world’s trusted ecommerce platform with us now. Following are the key benefits that online storeowners will gain by migrating to Magento:

  • Magento is the most scalable ecommerce platform suitable for retailers of all sizes

  • Integrates well with multiple solutions that fosters your business ROI

  • Magento can be easily tamed to support SEO. This improves your search engine rankings.

  • Magento is an open source platform that offers high flexibility

  • Magento increases your core sales with various features including core-selling, up-selling etc.

  • Ability to manage multiple stores in the same account that helps you save time and effort.


Magento currently offers two editions- Community edition and Enterprise edition for an annual license fee. Apart from the various out-of-the box features that it offers, it is possible to integrate Magento to numerous extensions, APIs, and modules that makes Magento the most coveted ecommerce platform. Besides, Magento comes with ample community support and documentation that supports constant innovation.

We take into consideration numerous aspects of your legacy store while planning our migration activities.

  • How long your legacy store is active?

  • Presence of critical data in your legacy database

  • What should be migrated?

  • What you need to keep intact?

  • Will migration affect your business?

  • Cost and time factors

  • Inclusion of new features, security patches

  • Improve the quality of code base with latest technologies

Suyati’s Magento migration services

Suyati’s Magento migration service covers all stages of store migration. Given below is a quick list of services that we offer:

  • Expert consultation with ecommerce specialists who analyze each aspect of your business and help you identify optimal solution

  • End-to-end data migration including products, orders, database, images, transaction data and more

  • Server and hardware configuration and set up, selecting the right hosting provider

  • Customizing themes, extensions, making adequate adjustments to suit Magento

  • Magento theme and template development

  • Continuous support and maintenance during the migration process so that your business isn’t affected

We help you migrate the following to Magento:

  • Oscommerce to Magento

  • Zencart to Magento

  • Prestashop to Magento

  • Magento 1 to Magento 2

  • Cubecart to Magento

  • Shopify to Magento

  • PSD to Magento

Magento offers immense scope for scalability and it is highly adaptable due to its modular architecture. Make an immediate switch from your legacy store to what the world’s leading brands prefer with Team Suyati.