Migration-CRM to XRM

Microsoft’s growing foray into customer success enablement through digital transformation has garnered attention from key users of CRM across industries. They may be running an efficient CRM in their business channels but would be tempted to utilize their customer data via MS Dynamics to create an empowered sales force across geographies. In short, many business organizations want to experience the power of MS Dynamics and explore its full capabilities. Suyati enables such organizations to migrate their existing CRM to MS Dynamics in order to explore possibilities.

Suyati offers expert migration services for customers that want to move from their existing CRM framework to MS Dynamics. We ensure that there are no disruptions to the client’s business operations during the migration. A typical CRM migration faces major hurdles in handling


  • Data Integrity
  • Technology Integrations
  • Workforce Training

At Suyati, we offer a consultative approach to migrating your existing customer relationship management framework to MS Dynamics. Our consultants ensure that all clear business goals and compliance regulations are in the line of sight while migrating every function onto the new platform. Thus in addition to creating more agility, we offer a transformative solution with clear planning and no disruptions. We address challenges faced during a major migration strategy with a carefully executed roadmap that includes

Migrating Data

Ensuring that integrity of data is not compromised, when being transferred from multiple systems connected to the existing CRM platform into the comprehensive MS Dynamics powered business suite.

Integration with key business systems

For data to be effectively utilized in the newly migrated MS Dynamics framework, we create clear cut integration channels for other information systems in your business to supply vital data and insights to MS Dynamics. This ensures that overall agility in your business is maintained without disruption during the migration.

Training the Workforce

Your sales personnel and customer service associates would be well versed in handling customers with your existing CRM system. When you have migrated to MS Dynamics, we would ensure that there are enough training sessions and guidelines provided to your staff to utilize MS Dynamics in the most productive way possible and ultimately serve customers better than before.

In a nutshell Suyati enables businesses to empower their sales force better with increased agility and better customer facing capabilities with our migration services from any existing CRM to MS Dynamics.