AppExchange Consulting

Build and launch your custom AppExchange apps in no time!


Do you want to build a free or paid standalone or integration app in Salesforce, then outsource your requirement to Suyati immediately. Suyati is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and an AppExchange Partner. With our key expertise in platform and other numerous Salesforce platforms, we build extremely cool and convenient apps and help you market them effectively on AppExchange.

AppExchange is a thriving marketplace with more than 100,000 users and the customer base is expanding continuously. Our key focus while developing apps lie on creating mobile-first, user-friendly, responsive apps that can be integrated easily into your systems. We build mobile-first Salesforce solutions that are innovative, intuitive, and allows customers to unlock the complete potential of Salesforce. We have a great team of fantastic Salesforce developers and architects who have expertise on most of the cloud applications of Salesforce including Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Lightning, Salesforce1 mobile, Wave and more. Our technical and business prowess have helped clients across multiple industries like education, manufacturing, retail, publishing, media and entertainment, healthcare etc. From customized feature development to tailored integrations, we offer end-to-end AppExchange solutions.

Suyati’s AppExchange Partner expertise:


  • Design and develop apps on platform

  • Shorter and quicker app development lifecycle

  • Expertise in all aspects of architecting and designing AppExchange solutions

  • Delivering apps that easily gets through AppExchange’s extensive and rigid security criteria

  • Helping apps clear the rigorous security checks put forth by AppExchange

  • Enabling apps to handle the stringent ISV certification process of Salesforce

  • Launch apps successfully and quickly on AppExchange

  • Support enhancement, typical roll-out challenges and maintenance of apps

Solutions that we built on AppExchange

Suyati has developed enterprise apps on Salesforce App Cloud that supports organizations to improve their operational efficiency. From inception to launch, we have a vast set of skills that you require to smoothly launch your applications onto AppExchange marketplace. Our dedicated Salesforce team can take care of all stages of app development including ideation, planning, execution, deployment, along with branding and marketing your apps. This also comprises assisting our clients to get through the security review tests and other hurdles. Listed below are a few prominent apps that we built and launched on AppExchange.


CloudRecruit , developed by Suyati, is an application that manages the recruitment process of a company. It helps organizations create and manage information about positions in the firm, including details of candidates, interviews conducted, and information about trainees and employees. New companies and their child companies can be created in this application. The application can create slots for job vacancies, allowing candidates to apply for positions in a company. It has the provision to create job applications for candidates, and also assists companies in finding new employees and assigning a team or converting a candidate into a trainee or employee. The CloudRecruit application also sends emails regarding interview schedule/reschedule, thank you mails, and calendar reminders.

Converted Leads Finder

Converted Leads Finder, developed by Suyati, is an application by which user will be able to easily track the leads converted, its corresponding contacts and opportunities and leads activity history. It provides the search UI by which user can search for any data range and user. The Activity History in the UI for the converted leads will give the entire details on what all actions had happened. With this application entire details regarding converted leads will be available in a tab. Users can search for the leads with filters created by, date range etc. This application gives how many leads created for a date range, which can be used for marketing and feedback purpose.