Migrating to Salesforce.com CRM

We never do migration in blindfolds!

We do understand that migrating to Salesforce is not without pain. As your business grows, your customer base expands and so does your data. To manage all critical and fast growing sales and opportunity data, businesses often plan to migrate from one CRM to another, and obviously, Salesforce is a wonderful choice with its cloud power. Data migration is a headache, if not planned and executed properly.

Why should you migrate to Salesforce?

Salesforce CRM is explicitly a wonderful choice for companies trying to move away from conventional CRM. The shift from legacy systems becomes crucial to meet the growing sales opportunities and business enhancements. Migrating your customer data to Salesforce also affects the user experience largely. How migrating to Salesforce helps your organizational growth?

  • Enables businesses to interact with valuable information through which you gain useful insights.

  • Increases speed to market with faster release time

  • Fast and hassle-free user adoption

  • Integrate Salesforce with multiple third-party applications that helps users leverage the platform to fulfil their business requirements

  • Salesforce provides an all-in-one solution that streamlines business processes

  • Migrating to Salesforce increases your conversion rates

  • Ease of use that saves your precious time

Challenges involved in Salesforce migration:

As mentioned above, migrating from your legacy CRM to Salesforce involves many hiccups. Here are a few challenges that you might gear up to face and overcome:

  • All your data migrates without any glitches

  • All the departments in your organization have access to up to date information during the migration process

  • Business must run as usual during the migration process

  • Tackle data loss and data duplication challenges

  • Numerous data loader tools could leave businesses indecisive

  • Identify and avoid data loader tools that are inconvenient and unfriendly

  • Integrating data from on-premises and cloud-based systems poses a great concern

  • Storing data back-up as well as deleting unwanted information

Suyati’s Salesforce Data Migration Roadmap


Successful migration and adoption of Salesforce cultivates fruitful business collaboration, widens your market outreach, enhances your engagement experiences, and boosts b2b interactions. Nevertheless, there are a few fundamental things you need to consider while planning your data migration to Salesforce. To avoid taking the wrong path, analyze these questions:

  • How can my customer benefit? Will it give me a competitive advantage?

  • How to prioritize my functional capabilities that need to be migrated?

  • Which edition of Salesforce will suit my business? What sort of license should I procure?

  • Can migration help me meet my SLAs effectively?

  • What are the business considerations that will be impacted by migration? How to handle them?

  • How can I plan around decommissioning incumbent applications, systems or infrastructure?

  • Will migrating to Salesforce help me with analytics?

At Suyati, we understand all your woes. Things can be daunting especially when you have multiple choices presented to you. For example, numerous editions, pricing models, partner solutions, geographical reasons, whether you need to go with single or multiple org etc. You need a trusted Salesforce partner who can facilitate a smooth journey into the territory of cloud.

Suyati’s Salesforce data migration roadmap takes into account all aspects of CRM planning including Salesforce adoption and deployment, while reducing cost and minimizing risks. Our solutions package includes:

  • Drafting business cases for each activity based on the clients existing scope/ future requirements

  • Evaluating the client’s business purposes to determine the edition/ license they need

  • Harmonizing the processes to streamline them for future benefits and improved ROI

  • A complete Salesforce.com deployment blueprint

  • Setting rules, workflows and stakeholder management

  • Change management processes

  • Go live support and future maintenance

Get in touch with Suyati’s dedicated Center of Excellence in Salesforce to know more.