SugarCRM is one of the most popular commercial open source solutions that can be tailored to your business environment. For the past one decade, leading clients across industries have banked on our SugarCRM services for we customize the CRM to deliver you higher and faster ROI, and improve customer engagement. Organizations around the world- small, medium, and large are moving to SugarCRM for multiple reasons. SugarCRM is an open source solution based on PHP. This reduces the total cost of ownership. You are free to choose between on demand or on premise versions considering your business requirements. The application runs across several operating systems seamlessly. SugarCRM also supports rapid application development with its advanced features like module builder and studio. SugarCRM is a visionary and innovator and is being used by 60,000+ users in around 120 nations. Sugar transforms customer experience by coordinating all the actions of customer-facing employees and empowers them with the right information. Suyati offers the following services in SugarCRM:

SugarCRM Development & Implementation Services

We make SugarCRM operational for you as per your defined business processes and requirements. Our SugarCRM development services include:

  • Implementation, installation and configuration of SugarCRM
  • Developing modules, themes, plugins, and extensions
  • Creating and automating workflows in SugarCRM
  • Advanced reports and dashboards customized to your needs

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SugarCRM Integration Services

Suyati helps you attain seamless synchronization of SugarCRM with your emails, disparate systems, and other third-party applications. Our integration services are planned to help you leverage a competitive advantage in the highly aggressive and rapidly growing market. We help you integrate SugarCRM with major ecommerce applications like Magento, OpenCart, with CMS like WordPress, with major Payment Gateways, with your emails, and more.

Advantages of our SugarCRM integration services:

  • Accurate data that minimizes effort and saves costs
  • Increases your business ROI
  • Widens the scope of your application
  • Improved customer satisfaction and sales

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SugarCRM Customization Services

We understand the uniqueness of each business and customize SugarCRM at the best to suit your business needs and operations. We help you select which edition of SugarCRM is the best for you and tailor it to enable your growth.

Our SugarCRM customization services include:

  • Building custom modules, workflows and schedulers
  • Modifying existing SugarCRM web applications
  • Customizing reports and dashboards
  • Incorporating business logic
  • Customizing and configuring standard modules

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SugarCRM Migration Services

Minimal downtime and zero data loss are the two key benefits that you achieve by utilizing our SugarCRM migration services. Our data migration process is highly organized and empowers you with all the data required to boost your customer engagement.

Suyati makes complete use of Sugar’s migration support via both REST and SOAP APIs as well as migrating via import. We leverage advanced ETL tools to accomplish successful migration.

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SugarCRM Testing, Support & Maintenance Services

Implementing SugarCRM is not enough for you to run the business. It is a must for any CRM to be supported constantly to ensure the smooth functioning of your enterprise. Suyati offers excellent SugarCRM support and maintenance services that adds more value to our customers’ experiences by helping them meet the industry standards.

Support and Maintenance services offered by Suyati:

  • Troubleshooting and bug fixing
  • Feature enhancements and upgrades
  • Running security patches at regular intervals
  • Downtime maintenance support
  • Architecture review to improve system performance

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SugarCRM Cloud Deployment Services

SugarCRM provides multiple hosting options like on-demand, on-site, public cloud, and via hosting platform of your partner. Suyati has extensive expertise in various cloud hosting platforms including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Our cloud-based hosting services offer you numerous advantages like 2x faster CRM, robust security features, 100% data backup and restore services, affordable add-ons, and more.

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Your business has to change with time and so should your CRM. SugarCRM allows you to quickly move and scale to the evolving market needs. Be it physical, virtual or social, Suyati analyzes your style of working and puts you ahead of your competitors with our advanced SugarCRM services. Contact us today and get a free quote!