SugarCRM Cloud Deployment Services

Quickly deploy your SugarCRM server in the cloud!

SugarCRM provides multiple hosting options like on-demand, on-site, public cloud, and via hosting platform of your partner.


Business advantages of Sugar-on-Demand

Sugar-on-demand is the cloud-based hosting option provided by SugarCRM free of cost for any customer who has purchased any of the licensed versions of SugarCRM. The easiest way of hosting SugarCRM is via On Demand Cloud hosting. If you don’t have a large database or large number of users, then cloud based option is the best choice for you.

Here are the enterprise advantages of Sugar-on-Demand:

  • No additional costs involved
  • Automatic version upgrades ensures that you always stay on the latest version of Sugar
  • A tailored hosting environment for Sugar
  • Direct support and troubleshooting from SugarCRM

Business advantages of SugarCRM on Public Cloud

Public cloud hosting refers to the use of public hosting services such as Amazon EC2, Rackspace, IBM SoftLayer, and Microsoft Azur

Here are the enterprise advantages of Public Cloud:

  • Affordable cost
  • Hardware is highly scalable due to virtualization
  • Flexible backend
  • Avoids the need of physical hardware
  • Multiple providers to choose from

Business advantages of SugarCRM on Private Cloud

If your business is running your own enterprise level private cloud, we help you with installing SugarCRM on your private cloud. The advantage of private cloud is that your SugarCRM instance will be hosted within your firewall and enterprise intranet. This strengthens your system’s security. Hosting SugarCRM via private cloud also boosts your flexibility. You can easily increase the RAM and CPU power to meet the requirements of the increasing user base.

SugarCRM Cloud Hosting with Suyati

Suyati has extensive expertise in various cloud hosting platforms including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Our hosting services offer you the following advantages:

  • Fast and scalable hosting that makes your CRM 2x faster.
  • We never compromise with security and protect your data with super strong firewalls.
  • Hosting done over dedicated servers so that you have complete control of your SugarCRM deployment.
  • Easy to install security certificates in simple steps.
  • Proper data backup mechanism in place
  • Click & Go driven cloud hosting facility
  • 50% faster SugarCRM cloud-based deployments

We also provide you affordable value add-ons to enhance your organizational efficiency and productivity. Contact us to know more about our cloud hosting capabilities for SugarCRM.