SugarCRM Migration Services

Gain faster ROI with SugarCRM migration!

Suyati’s SugarCRM migration services offer you the optimal strategy to move your data and processes to Sugar with zero system downtime, no data loss or fixes. At Suyati, we realize that your customer data is your most valuable asset and that it needs to be managed with utmost care. Data migration demands sufficient planning as well as a fair understanding of the existing system. For any organization, data migration is a major decision as well as a challenge. It is a key step to expanding their business and improving their customer engagements.


How migrating to SugarCRM helps your business?

  • SugarCRM streamlines your business processes and workflows to increase your ROI
  • Reduces your sales cycle considerably by giving you a panoramic view of your customer journey
  • Quick access to centralized data common to sales, marketing, and other customer support services.
  • Better decision making with improved visibility that increases growth and productivity
  • Efficient customer case handling and invoicing, updated marketing campaign reports
  • Fosters internal as well as external collaboration taking your business to the next level

SugarCRM is an open-source, intuitive, web-based, easy-to-use CRM and migrating to this platform gives your sales guys ample potential to effectively monitor and track your teams. You get a real-time view of your sales opportunities all at one place. SugarCRM can be easily integrated with Microsoft Outlook thus synchronizing your e-mails and calendars with the CRM. This makes your company communications more centralized and organized.

Migrating to SugarCRM with Suyati

As stated above migration can be complex at times, considering your integrity and relationships with your customers. It is easy to upload your contacts and companies from spreadsheets, while migrating from another CRM to Sugar demands a professional approach. We analyze your business thoroughly to catch your pain points and understand how migration can be bettered with our customizations. We leverage advanced ETL tools to accomplish successful migration so that you can test the migration as required. This ensures a smooth flow of data to your system. Suyati makes complete use of Sugar’s migration support via both REST and SOAP APIs as well as migrating via import.

We help you migrate the following to SugarCRM:

  • Salesforce to SugarCRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM to SugarCRM
  • Zoho to SugarCRM
  • MS Excel to SugarCRM

While migrating, we also verify your data and help you with data cleansing and archival. We also offer post go-live support and let you know when you can switch off your previous CRM system completely. In our optimized SugarCRM migration strategy, we ensure 100% business continuity and accuracy so that you get faster and cleaner data.

Contact us for a quick assessment of your migration requirements. Switch your business to SugarCRM with Suyati.