Upgrade Services

Any transformative business solution using technology will have to undergo periodic upgrades to remain competitive and enable better utility for businesses that use them. MS Dynamics is no stranger to upgrades as well. Over time, Microsoft ensures that the product offers the best of selling power to associates by incorporating new features, strengthening existing ones and adding more agility and power to tools that are part of the MS Dynamics ecosystem. For businesses using Dynamics to bolster their sales and service, it is vital to receive these upgrades on time to be on top of their game in the industry and across geographies.

At Suyati, we have enabled our customers to smoothly transition across multiple versions of MS Dynamics over time. We understand the need for upgrades to be done faster with minimal effort and with negligible disruptions to business conduct. We achieve this by creating a well-planned strategy to seamlessly upgrade the entire business suite of MS Dynamics or the specific Dynamics implementations present at customer side to their latest versions at ease. We take care to ensure that proper guidelines and industry best practices are followed during the upgrade activity. This would facilitate faster and fault free upgrade activities that do not affect productivity of Dynamics users across your organization irrespective of their roles.


Our consultants ensure that the upgrade process fits your business model and is perfectly aligned to meet the desired objectives of the new version. We make sure that the upgrade happens effortlessly by

  • Asking the right questions to stakeholders pertaining to the existing system regarding its version, enabled functionalities, key stakeholders and much more
  • Customizing functionalities in new versions of MS Dynamics to suit preferences of your business units
  • Auditing integration points of MS Dynamics with other business tools across your organizational landscape
  • Creating a well-documented and comprehensive training guide for employees to help them quickly grasp with new interfaces, improved or additional functionalities and better solutions and processes.

In short, Suyati offers a comprehensive advisory to upgrade your existing MS Dynamics ecosystem to newer variants without risking business operations and stability.