Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the lifeline of an enterprise’s core business performance. In today’s competitive business scenario, a faster time to market and a seamlessly integrated solution to pump up performance are must-haves.



Suyati’s SAP-powered ERP platform helps you leverage real-time insight and facilitate operational excellence. It also brings to you the power to innovate in the journey towards achieving robust business processes that you will need today, and in the future. With our SAP services that spans over several industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing and digital, our customers stand to benefit in many ways, including:

End-to-end economical solutions

  •  Operational and business process efficiencies
  • Service optimization and automation
  • Continuous and on-demand support
  • Amplified end-user satisfaction

Suyati’s SAP-driven ERP software helps with:

  • Consolidating data to prevent duplication
  • Systematizing business processes with coherent data and real-time transparency
  • Accelerated processes and speedy response to customer demand
  • Overtaking competitors with increased financial insights and results
  • Enabling innovation by apprising and triggering precise business functions on demand

Quick look at our SAP services:

  • Full cycle implementation
  • Post implementation support
  • Production support – L 1,2,3
  • Application roll outs and training
  • Reconfiguration services
  • Staffing