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The need for a Digital Makeover in the Publishing Industry

Life has become much faster with the arrival of internet, one cannot imagine a day without internet, social media and mobile phone. These three factors have changed the game for all players i.e. for businesses, customers and suppliers, alike. To understand the depth of these changes, ask yourself these questions: When was the last time […]

A guide to Internet of Things in Publishing

Digital publishing is on quite a high right now and with the Internet of Things (IoT) it is poised on the precipice of growing much bigger. While IoT and its ways have permeated into most sectors, the publishing industry has been slowly catching up. For those in the sector, the entry of IoT into publishing […]

Optimizing IT Infrastructure in the Publishing Domain

Today, publishing is faced with the challenges of decreasing profits and fluid loyalties  along with the daunting task of turning content into a global resource through digitization. This transformation can be geared through syncing the infrastructure with publishing value chain. A publisher tending towards digitization of the publishing value chain would have to completely revamp the […]

The Digital Magazine

As the world in general, and publishing in particular moves from print to digital media, what is in store for magazines? The answer is as obvious as it is simple – go digital! For sceptics who wonder if this will actually work, do remember that 10% of tablet owners read digital magazines almost every day, […]

Riding on ebooks, Indie authors outsell traditionally published authors

Until a decade ago, the world of publishing was a closed-door club where a few publishing houses decided which author, and which work would be published. Such publishing houses ran a business model wherein they patronized a handful of authors and promoted a very limited range of titles by them, to generate high volumes per […]

The Democratization of Publishing

Until recently, publishing was an elitist set-up, under the control of a limited few publishers. Though technically anyone with access to a printing press could publish, the huge investment required to make print runs, coupled with the difficulty in distributing the books to bookstores globally, made such independent publishing attempts a non-starter. Publishing was once […]