Team Suyati presents “Suyati DreamFlash 2014”

Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

Suyati is presenting a unique event ‘Suyati DreamFlash’ – a walkthrough of Dreamforce 2014.

It is intended to explore and share the updates and technical innovations presented during the Dreamforce event every year. Suyati DreamFlash 2014 contains sessions that detail all the key features introduced at Dreamforce 2014.

Each Dreamforce event introduces new products, ideas, knowledge etc. As a team of Salesforce enthusiasts, we are really passionate about the new features and would like to share this knowledge with the entire group of Salesforce evangelists. Together, we hope to learn as much as possible about Dreamforce and share it through Suyati DreamFlash!

In the first Suyati DreamFlash series, we will have key notes, technical talk by SF experts, Quiz session, Blogs, and a whole lot of fun!

Suyati DreamFlash will be conducted on 18th and 19th of November, 2014 at Suyati Thapasya building and Geo Infopark. On 18th, it starts with the key note address by Suyati CEO, Mukund Krishna. Following that, Abhishek Subramanian, who presented a technical session on ‘Implementing social single sign-on using OpenID Connect’ in Dreamforce’14, will present. This will be following by introductory technical sessions on Salesforce Wave and marketing team sessions.

On 19th, we will have introductory technical sessions on Salesforce Lightning and Communities, followed by an interactive social media QA round.

This year, the event includes only Suyatians. But, we would like to explore this with the entire world in the coming years.

Looking forward to celebrating with the entire Team via Suyati DreamFlash!