Team Suyati makes “good friends” and headlines in Germany!

Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

Kochi, Kerala, INDIA, Hannover, GERMANY– Mar 12th, 2012

An article that appeared at a local daily (Hannoversche Allgemeine) in Hannover, Germany, featured Gauri Shankar Antarvedi (Sr. VP, Business Development and Sales), and Ramanan Ramamurthy (Manager, International Business), for Suyati Technologies. The article, in a lighter vein, provided a good insight into Gauri’s and Ramanan’s experiences in Hannover, Germany while there to attend the CeBit conference.

CeBit is a major annual-international event of the digital industry, the biggest of its kind, involving key players (more than 4000 companies as seen in 2011) from all over the globe. Some of the best deals and the most important business relationships have been sealed in the course of this event, since its inception, every year.

Below is an excerpt of the article (translated into English) that was featured in the German daily.

Nun,, very good friends’’ (“Well, very good friends”)

Gauri Shankar Antarvedi (left) joined the CeBIT conference in Hannover, Germany for the fourth time. He is Senior Vice President at a company called Suyati. Indeed a bigwig.

The company is specialized in the field of improving the efficiency of processes in the IT-Industry. However, in Hannover, he and Ramanan Ramamurthy (right), Manager for International Business, are travelling to a computer exhibition via city rail. It´s “Super” (German word for great) over here, he smiles in competition to the spring sunshine.

They are staying at a private exhibition room in Langenhagen – like they did in their previous visits. In the meantime the landlords have become “Very good friends”, says Antarvedi. He wants to benefit as much as possible from his trip to Europe. After the week at the CeBIT they go Cologne and then to Switzerland. Also there they look forward to making “good friends”.