The youngest Salesforce MVP is a Suyatian!

Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

As a young company that’s just 5 years old, we’re proud to have a coveted Salesforce MVP in our midst – Deepak Anand. And in case you thought Deepak is a greybeard, with many years’ experience, you couldn’t be more wrong. Deepak joined us soon after passing out of college – less than 2 years ago. And he started out on just about 16 months ago.


Here are his achievements:

  • Among just 118 Salesforce MVPs in the universe
  • The 3rd Indian to achieve this laurel
  • Consistently among the top 10 of the 1,000,823 members on the Salesforce Success community

So what makes Deepak so valuable? While for us he’s a normal Suyatian who’s dedicated to excellence and focused on delivering cutting edge products, the Salesforce community view him quite differently. He’s answered 2659 questions, out of which 535 were chosen as the best answers. Not surprisingly, he’s rated with 5 stars.

So, how is he able to juggle all of this – contributing to the Salesforce community, while also helping the company deliver top quality Salesforce solutions? One part of the answer is his own talent and devotion. This is very well described by his Suyati mentor here. The other aspect is the Suyati way of getting to the very bottom of technology, and learning from the fundamentals up.

At Suyati, every effort is taken to empower people to learn and grow. For one, social media is not banned, like many companies do. Then, there is a very strong culture of knowledge sharing. Hoarding expertise is absolutely not tolerated. Everyone here is listened to. Fresh ideas are always given a patient hearing. And people are always given opportunities to follow their dreams and ambitions.

Deepak has elucidated his Suyati experience very aptly. Read his blog. True to his humble nature, all Deepak had to say on becoming an MVP, was, “I love what I do.”

Vincent, Suyati’s HR Director says, “Deepak has been very active in the, forums,, developer forums, user groups, and influencer groups with top blog posts, thoughts, best codes and practices as well as sometimes very complex algorithms. His is an exceptional achievement, considering that he started on just 16 months ago.”

At Suyati, we hope that this achievement is just the beginning of great things to come, not just for Deepak, but all our other employees as well.