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How to Score and Grade Leads in B2B

Sales-marketing misalignment can throw the entire organization off balance. This Infographic illustrates how the alignment starts off with the definition of lead scoring.  

How to create great customer experience with MS Dynamics 365

A seamless customer journey requires making customers happy at every touchpoint. Dynamics 365 helps to identify various touchpoints in the customer journey Offer customers what they need at each touchpoint

Top Uses of Chatbots in Key Sectors

Chatbots are poised to deliver an amazing customer experience. Chatbots are gaining popularity in almost every industry. It is gradually making their mark in our lives by assisting in nearly every crucial aspects in varied areas. Modern conversational chatbots can...

The Changing Face of Customer Engagement with AI

Did you know that 72% of millennial customers do not prefer phone calls to resolve service issues? This infographic has many such riveting pieces of information on how Artificial Intelligence is transforming customer engagement.  

Infographic: RPA Tool Comparison and ways to approach

RPA implementation success depends on selecting the right tool for your purpose. Here’s a single pane comparison among the top RPA tools such as UiPath, Blue Prism, and AA, allowing you to make trade-offs. RPA implementation success depends on selecting...

Evolution of Chatbots in Healthcare

Chatbots are computer programs designed to carry on relevant and contextual dialogue with people. It assists people through text or voice. The Healthcare industry is one of the earliest and biggest adopters of chatbots. Chatbots for Healthcare After the disruption...