RPA Increases
Profit Margins of
Insurance Companies

Did you know that some of the leading insurance companies are utilizing RPA to reduce average claims handling time by 40% and benefits processing cost by 80%?

Robotic Process Automation is one powerful technology that can empower insurers to achieve elevating profits, better compliance and top-notch customer experience . There are many areas in the insurance sector where RPA can bring in a stunning 90 percent efficiency and productivity. Yet, the majority of insurance companies have restricted themselves from adopting RPA due to some roadblocks, still clinging to the traditional methods.

This whitepaper outlines some of the key challenges insurers face today and the effective tactics to head those challenges. Also, why insurers should not miss out on RPA.

Download your copy to know if any of those challenges are similar to yours, if any.

What you get from this whitepaper

  • How RPA frees employees for more critical and logical tasks
  • Employing advanced analytics for deeper customer insights
  • Lower operational costs and minimize customer drop-out
  • Automation of process to improve customer experience
  • How AI and RPA together helps insurers find a digital edge


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