Grow your Business Sales with Salesforce-Quip Integration

Get Ready for Salesforce implementation with Quip

Better customer engagement, closing more deals and enhanced productivity - every business finger on these attributes. CRM is a major deciding factor in guiding businesses to work smarter and quicker. To create wonders, Salesforce ties knot with a cloud-based productivity suite, Quip to bring out a new level of productivity within your CRM. This productive suite includes plenty of idealistic features all under one roof to boost your sales and increase collaboration among team members.

According to a Salesforce Overview of their customers, there is an interesting report that reveals the impact of integrating Quip within their CRM.

  • 37% faster in project completion
  • 38% fewer team meetings
  • 43% lesser emails
  • 50% increased team communication
  • 46% more team productivity

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This eBook covers:

  • How Salesforce Quip drives more sales?
  • Why Quip is the best collaboration tool?
  • How to integrate Quip and Salesforce?
  • Quip v Google Docs v MS Word