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Does Sitecore Cortex Live up to the Machine-Learning Hype?

Understanding the customer is critical in today’s highly competitive business environment. Knowledge of what the customer wants requires insights into the context in which he interacts with the brand, and awareness of other vital cues surrounding the transaction. Timely access to such relevant insights enables the marketer to sell better and faster, and also create […]

How Sitecore’s Personalization capabilities help in Customer Acquisition

Want to increase the quality of customer interaction? Improve conversion rates? Drive repeat purchases? One-on-one personalization could be the key to achieving all of them. According to a study by MarketingProfs, there is an average increase in sales by 19% for organizations that resort to website personalization. Amazon boasts of having approximately 60% conversion rate […]

Enhance your marketing potential by upgrading to Sitecore 9.0

Sitecore 9.0 is all set to give contextual marketers some interesting new advantages to work with. The new features, including personalization and machine learning (ML), makes the platform more user-friendly with increased accessibility and better scalability. For the marketing team, Sitecore 9.0 can: Connect and provide all tools on a single platform with a single […]

How Sitecore harnesses AI and Machine Learning to deliver intelligent marketing platforms

In its latest Sitecore Symposium, when CEO Mark Frost hinted at the things to come for the latest version of Sitecore, Artificial Intelligence was high on the list. Marketing AI is not a new concept. At a time when customer engagement is highly contextual, getting the right messages in the correct medium in the right […]

How will Peek Virtual Reality Integration be a game changer for Sitecore CMS?

The integration of physical and digital world has been long overdue. Powered by virtual reality and augmented reality, the Peek project from Techguilds offers a platform that allows the content market space to foray into this brave new world. Peek heralds a fundamental shift in the way the web is modeled. The incumbent two-dimensional desktop […]

Contextual Marketing: Building Experiences with Sitecore Cloud

Since the birth of advertising, the pursuit of personalization has been the governing principle of its growth. In the recent decades, the inflow of humongous information allows us to access data about customers, and create advertisements to sync with their needs. From simply getting across the right message at the right time to the right […]

How Sitecore MVC differs from ASP.NET MVC?

Enterprise application development is a topic that has been gaining more prominence as a key area of discussion. Perhaps the most common challenge faced by enterprise developers today is the need to enable seamless communication between business and development for ultimate project success. In order to work towards this goal, enterprise developers work on architectural […]

Benefits of Publishing Enterprise Content with Sitecore 8.2

The buzz surrounding the new version of Sitecore–8.2–has not died down yet. Having upgraded from last year’s 8.1 version, the new version has many added features. Among the changes that has been brought about, Sitecore Publishing Service is one of them.  The new features included in this service will improve publishing performance for enterprise customers. […]

What is new in Sitecore 8.2?

  Sitecore has been at the forefront of web technology for years and is one of the very few in its genre that make it easy for non-technical people to build and manage websites with ease. With each release, Sitecore has introduced many enhancements that have made the technology even more versatile. Its latest release […]

Sitecore Commerce 8.1: What is in store for you?

With Sitecore Commerce 8.1, we encounter industry’s “first fully integrated commerce and content platform” driven by the pursuit of developing a seamless encounter. Sitecore Commerce 8 traditionally accompanied Sitecore 8 and now with Sitecore Commerce 8.1, a second commerce-oriented product has been added to the Sitecore community, namely, Sitecore Commerce powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX. […]