Suyati’s Music Medley- When ecstasy ruled our spirit!

Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.


Suyati’s Music Medley- When ecstasy ruled our spirit!  

“A live musical show? Where there is no karaoke or no recorded voice played in the background!” That was the reaction from few of the Suyatians, when Suyati’s 8th Annual Day celebration discussions happened. But the annual day committee took a bolder step, and affirmed, “Yes, we’re going to do it and we will rock!” The following days witnessed multiple levels of screening and exhaustive practice sessions.

As the Suyati motto states, we dream, and dare to achieve the dream. Suyati’s Music Medley on the 8th Company Annual Day (held on 25th April) truly resonated the Suyatian spirit. The music medley team proved how we can put up a stellar performance with proper practice and feedback.

Here are a few snaps from the thunderous show:

8th Annual Day- Suyati Music Medley- Top Banner
On the stage: Sandeep and Tracy singing the newly composed anthem of Suyati joined by other artists

8th Annual Day-Suyati Music Medey- Jeena
Jeena’s old Malayalam number Ellarum Chollanu”
8th Annual Day- Suyati Music Medley- Febin
The Surprise package: Febin startling the audience with the evergreen number “Shanthamee Rathriyil”
8th Annual Day- Suyati Music Medley-Roshna
Stable and graceful: Roshna on the stage with ARR’s Genda Phool
8th Annual Day- Suyati Music Medley- Dipu
Voice that suits the soft nature: Dipu renders “Hemanthamen”
8th Annual Day- Suyati Music Medley- Deepthi
The bold and beautiful “Vaan Megham” from Deepthi
8th Annual Day- Suyati Music Medley- Shamnad
“Tu Jo Mila”: Shamnad taking the show to the next level
8th Annual Day- Suyati Music Medley- Sandeep
Sandeep’s energetic “Padayathra”
8th Annual Day-Suyati Music Medley- Ajay
Concluding punch from Ajay- “Kaithola”

The singers were joined on stage by Amaljith on keyboards, Varun on the bass guitar, Ritwick on the drums and Abhilash on the electric guitar. Special thanks to this wonderful team who made it a lovely day!

“All is well that ends well”! The music medley received an overwhelming feedback from a cheerful crowd who had a great time shaking their legs to the hit numbers.

What’s next? The Grammys?


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