Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

Fun is serious business @ Suyati!

The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play. – Arnold J. Toynbee  Whether it’s your first job or your fifth, there is something about a new workplace that warrants butterflies in the stomach and a sense of isolation. For the outgoing kinds, it’s probably just a matter of a few weeks […]

Suyati Steps – Experience Speaks

Everyone said that the IT profession is a struggle and you have to be an expert to get in. I was scared enough, but as the STEP program started I gained confidence.  The classes were good and informative. All subject started from the basics, so we were able to catch up with the schedule. Step […]


I was apprehensive before I started my first day at Suyati. But I realized that Suyati is not what I expected. The people are really friendly and interactive. I made many friends on the first day itself. The STEP program offered by Suyati is really helpful in strengthening our skills and talents. The session were […]


  11th May 2015, the day which became the turning point of my life, the day I joined Suyati. New job….new life. My expectations were high. And had a lot fear inside my mind when I entered Suyati. When I saw the STEP schedule for the first time I thought of running away from Suyati […]

Suyati Step- Sometimes like poles do attract

I had 2 placement offers in hand so I was a bit confused which one to select. Finally somehow I decided to opt for SUYATI and when I look back I don’t regret that decision. So far it is the best decision I’ve taken. STEP program was really useful to me, it helped me to […]

Suyati Step- A Better Me

When I started my B.Tech, my dream was to get placed in a reputed organization that follows certain values that I believe. When I got placed in this company, I never knew that it was different from the rest of the corporate world. But when I started my career here, things started to change. From […]

Suyati Step – A new journey to my Dream

Yes, I started my new journey at Suyati. This is what I am feeling now rather than saying I joined Suyati. I cannot say enough on how much the Suyati STEP program influenced me in transforming to a professional. All the sessions in STEP were really informative. Especially the Object oriented programming classes. Jijo and […]

Waiting for a Bright Future at Suyati

Suyati…..what a name! Whenever I tell this name to anyone on the phone they will ask a question back. “What? Surya TV? Can you say it once more?”.  I would like to know the reason why Mukund selected the name ‘Suyati’ for his company. We didn’t meet Mukund personally, but it will be a great […]

Suyati Step- New Phase of My Life!!!

Started new phase of my life with Suyati.It was a sudden transformation from 18 years of student life to a professional life and now am happy that I started with Suyati. The first interesting thing I found in Suyati is their STEP program. After completing the one month of STEP Program, I found so many […]

Suyati STEP Program-Transforming into a Professional

I have successfully completed one month of the Suyati STEP program. I would like to tell everyone about this one month of the program. STEP is a training program which is conducted by Suyati Technologies. We were the third batch. It provided us a great opportunity for learning and improving our skills. There were classes […]