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The incredible Google I/O 2015 event

A look at what was in store for developers this year Google I/o 2015  was the 8th annual developer conference held by Google, which kicked off way back in May 2008. For those who are wondering what IO stands for, yes, you guessed it right, it is input/output. But it also stands for “Innovation in […]

The power of Shell Scripting

Shell script, in Linux OS, is defined as the series of commands written in a text file. This program accepts instructions or commands from users in English, and converts it to binary language. Shell scripts are more powerful than the MS-DOS and acts as a mediator for kernel – the heart of Linux. Shell uses […]

Nginx- a Powerful web server

Nginx, is an opensource webserver licenced under BSD. It is pronounced as “Engine-X”. It is also a reverse proxy sever for protocols say HTTP,SMTP, POP3 and IMAP . It is well known for its strong focus on high concurrency, performance and low memory usage. Nginx is different from Apace HTTP Server model for it handles […]

Implementing your own 404 handler in Yii

In Yii, the error handling is very flexible, so we can create our own error handler for errors of specific type. Here, we will handle a 404 not found error in a smart way; We will show a custom 404 page that will suggest the content based on what was entered in the address bar. […]

Creating a multi-format print to file printer

Here are some guidelines as to create your own “Virtual printer” that has the capability to print a document from any windows application, say any browser, MS Office App, etc, into a format of our requirement. This solution makes use of an open source DLL provided by Ghostscript by the virtue of which one can […]

How to avoid implicit conversions in SQL server

In SQL Server it is important to define and use correct data types for storage as well as for retrieval of data from the database tables using queries. If we fail to use correct data types in the design or in queries, it could lead to what is called IMPLICIT Conversion issue. This means extra […]

Node.js Magic Wand

Node.js is a platform built on Google’s high performance JavaScript engine named “V8”. It is event driven, asynchronous, lightweight and reliable for data intensive applications. Node.js was created by Ryan Lienhart Dahl in 2009. The main emphasis of Node.js is on Networking in the right way. When working with Node, you can write and execute any […]

How good is HTML5 for SEO

The launch of HTML5 has simplified many tasks, but the same time it adds another layer of complexity in the area of Search Engine Optimization(SEO). What is SEO? In general It is the process of getting traffic from the “free”, “organic”, “editorial” or “natural” listings on search engines. Multimedia in HTML5 Before HTML5 After HTML5 […]

A look at Hypothetical Indexes in SQL Server

It is a common scenario in SQL Server that you want to create indexes on columns in tables with voluminous data to cut down the query processing times. But there is no guarantee that the index we are planning to create would be used by the Query optimizer when the query is run against the […]

Hermetic Servers – Testing Tool

Hermetic Server is a Server when an entire server on a single machine which has no network connection and when the server works as expected. Hermetic Servers are used to perform many End-to-End tests. Below are the few cases. Startup tests for servers using Guice to verify that there are no Guice errors on startup. […]