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Why is it Necessary to Re-Engineer Your Workflow Based Applications NOW?

Workflow applications help automate business or work processes, reducing human intervention to the least possible extent. It contributes to enforcing rules, allowing businesses to have greater control and visibility over their processes, and at the same time reduce deviations or errors. Businesses constantly re-engineer their business processes to keep up with changes in their ecosystems, […]

Outsourcing, Managed Services, or the Cloud?

Three of the predominantly used tools to drive business growth in an IT industry are Outsourcing, Managed Services and the Cloud. These development tools have served as the go-to options for business development, reduced costs, growth and expansion.  Despite the popularity of these services, the similar nature of their use and projected outcomes might make […]

Staying on top in today’s cloud environment

Microsoft’s recent study reveals that by 2015, nearly 14 million new jobs will be created worldwide due to increasing adoption of cloud computing! While this promises a stimulating job market, it also puts some challenges before the existing IT professionals in a company. Here are some tips to meet them head on – Hone your […]

4 pointers to keep in mind for cloud based Disaster Recovery Services

Cloud based Disaster Recovery (DR) has been creating lot of buzz these days. What actually is Cloud based DR? Cloud Based DR refers to maintaining a secondary DR site in the cloud at 20-30% of the primary site’s cost and a four hour RTO (Restore Time Objective) that is set according to the business requirements […]

Cloud Cloud go away….Outsourcing wants to play….

Cloud Computing is heralding a wind of change in the outsourcing world. Will it change outsourcing as we know it, or is it just old wine in a new outsourcing bottle? Before I confuse you with too many metaphors and similes, let’s get the definition of cloud computing down pat. What is cloud computing? Gartner’s […]

Using Service Behavior Extensions to improve the scalability and performance of WCF applications

Architectural challenge – Convert COM based winforms application that uses DCOM for the distributed communication part to service oriented architecture Choice of technology – WPF for the smart client part and WCF for the application tier Possible solution – Forget porting the entire business logic (who needs that nightmare!); retain the business logic that resides […]