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What makes MS Dynamics 365 for Marketing the undisputed choice for marketers

The much-awaited marketing module for Dynamics 365 by Microsoft finally hit the markets early this year. This marketing automation application has a lot to offer, providing marketers with a 360-degree view of the market, and helping them improve branding, communications and customer relationship. MS Dynamics 365 for marketing is available as a business edition. It […]

Sitecore Announces Availability of Core Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Sitecore, a global leader in experience management software, announced its first release of Sitecore Connect software that provides integration for Sitecore Experience Manager™ and Sitecore Experience Platform™ with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The integration brings together Sitecore’s content management and experience platform capabilities to Salesforce. Users can optimize their marketing campaigns, taking into account customer’s mode of […]

Iot has a Security Problem, Blockchain has the Solution

Inspite of the hype surrounding it, IoT has some underlying security vulnerabilities. Addressing these vulnerabilities on war footing should be the first priority of every enterprise that has plans of leveraging IoT. This is where Blockchain could help. With its digital mesh of interconnected devices, IoT promises to empower businesses across diverse industries to carry […]

What’s better than marketing automation? Marketing automation with analytics!

When Salesforce’s ‘State of Marketing 2017’ report predicted that there will be a 21 per cent growth over the next two years in the number of marketers using marketing automation, no eyebrows were raised. Studies had shown that marketing automation drives up to 14.5 per cent increase in sales productivity, while bringing down marketing overhead […]

Does Sitecore Cortex Live up to the Machine-Learning Hype?

Understanding the customer is critical in today’s highly competitive business environment. Knowledge of what the customer wants requires insights into the context in which he interacts with the brand, and awareness of other vital cues surrounding the transaction. Timely access to such relevant insights enables the marketer to sell better and faster, and also create […]

How Blockchain is contributing to Manufacturing 4.0

Blockchain is making waves, and not just in bitcoins. As blockchain’s ability to disrupt key processes and established paradigms become evident, smart manufacturers have started to harness the potential to gain early mover advantage. The key strength of blockchain, which makes it so robust and popular, is decentralized storage of data, without any central authority. […]

Microsoft Acquiring GitHub is Good News for OpenSource

Microsoft’s announcement that it was purchasing GitHub for $7.5 billion met with mixed reaction from the open source community developers, many of whom were not happy.        However GitHub CEO and cofounder Chris Wanstrath thinks this concern is misplaced. Microsoft’s take on cloud and open-source under Satya Nadella is enough proof that GitHub would be moving forward to […]

Adobe’s acquisition of Magento –What to Expect?

Adobe announced its agreement to acquire the ecommerce company Magento for $1.68 billion. This could mean a lot of changes on B2B as well as B2C experiences. Adobe has positioned their Experience Cloud as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. It now adds the missing piece to complete a customer’s journey by purchasing Magento. The […]

How automation and mobility enhance the manufacturing sector

That human efficiency has improved, particularly in the manufacturing field, may be attributed largely to automation and mobility. Scores of processes can be managed simultaneously, with no dip in consistency and output, faster and tirelessly. It has ensured that the ‘global’ can come down to the local level and the local can move up the […]

Don’t Hold Back your Business Growth. Invest in the Cloud

Information Technology (IT) has no doubt enabled organizations to develop a competitive edge. Despite the benefits that Cloud Computing so obviously provides, there are several organizations that haven’t got their strategies for Cloud Computing right. Today’s strategy for the cloud includes more than just reduced costs or ability to scale. This is what your cloud […]