Along with, comes world class cloud infrastructure that makes the world’s numero uno CRM platform. For us here at Suyati, this is in congruence with our lofty goals. sites that are built with Visualforce, can leverage the data, content and logic within your own environment Our experts like to play with by developing unique cloud-based applications, taking advantage of our expertise in the Apex development language, the VisualForce (UI) library, and the platform’s Integrated Development Environment. The beauty of the platform is that it can also be extended to develop cloud-based mobile apps. With, we excel in the following areas:

  • API Integration
  • Data Archival
  • com websites
  • Visualforce Development
  • com Customization
  • com Application Development

Check out our whitepaper on how a CRM helps disparate, decentralized sales teams gain more ‘customer time’.